Best Cydia 2 Repos & Sources

Introducing a premium-quality Cydia 2 repo for iOS 16 to iOS 17.4 Beta 3 iPhone and iPad devices.

You can add Cydia 2 repos, such as Saurik’s full Cydia adding methods. The difference is that it is better than Cydia because after adding these repos, you can unlock the up-to-date themes, tweaks, and outstanding iOS modifications.

How to add Cydia 2 Repos?

First, you need to install the modified Cydia 2 app manager on your iPhone or iPad. Then, you can follow the step-by-step guide below. The best feature is that you can get Cydia 2 and add repos to any device without jailbreak, computer, or cable access.

Sparkle Repository

Aesthetic iPhone themes to beautify your app icons.

Metawu Repository

2. Metawu Repository

Uniquely designed 4K Quality iPhone wallpaper ideas.

Select your favorite Cydia 2 Repository

You can access amazing repositories through the Cydia 2 package manager with the best iOS and iPadOS enhancements.

Sparkle Repository

Sparkle Repository offers beautiful themes for enhancing your existing icons, including Aura, Esso, Evoglide, Gladient, Harmony, iOS Nova, Lollipop, and more themes.

Just copy the Sparkle repo URL, add it via Cydia 2, and enjoy.

Repo URL:

Metawu Repository

Download hundreds of HD & 4K quality aesthetic iPhone wallpapers today from the Cydia 2 Metawu repository.

No PC or cables are needed. Just copy the repo URL and follow the steps above.

Repo URL:

Sileo Repository

Get Sileo modern package manager for your non-jailbroken devices through Cydia 2. Access popular tweaks, themes, and many more exciting features.

All you need to do is copy the Sileo repo URL and paste it into the Cydia 2 ‘Add Source’ section.


OS Repository

Find the well-known OS versions from OS repository such as Ubuntu, Mac Lion, OS JS, Webfig, Macintosh OS 8.6, Macintosh OS 9.2, Macintosh OS X, Windows 95a, Windows 95c, Windows 98, Windows 98 SE, Windows ME, and more.

The OS repo can be added using the following source link.

Repo URL:

Inifty Repository

Infinity cydia 2 repository filled with carefully designed home screen themes for your iPhone. Access all themes for free. Experience a unique home screen setup with the Inifty repo today.

Add the Inifty repo through Cydia 2 and explore endless enhancements for your iOS device.

Repo URL:

iOS launches Repository

iOS Launchers is the best Cydia 2 Repo for getting launchers for your iPhone.

Winmobia, Raizer, Pearl Effect, Iceburg, Pointview, and Rainy Drops are some of the best iOS launchers included in this repository. Each one gives your iPhone a unique look and functionality.

The iOS lunches repo can be added using the following source link.

Repo URL:

Ela Repository

Home screen theming is awesome with the Cydia 2 Ela repository. You can find colorful, unique, dark, gradient, 3D-look, and vibrant themes for your iOS 15 to iOS 17.4 beta versions running iDevices.

What’s special is that you can apply all these themes without needing jailbreak.

Repo URL:

Depth Repository

After adding Depth Repository to your iOS device, you can access amazing wallpapers. We’ve carefully selected high-quality wallpapers that will make your home screen look cool and unique. Explore our beautiful landscapes and artistic designs today.

The source can be added to Cydia 2 installer using the below link.

Repo URL:

Emulators Repository

Emulators Repository is the best source to get iOS emulators. It allows you to play amazing games. GBA, Aurora, Eclipsmeeu, DSPlayer, RetroArch, and PPSSPP are some of the best emulators included in the Cydia 2 emulators repo.

This useful repository can be added through Cydia 2.

Repo URL:

Tools Repository

From the tools repository, you can get the most useful tools for your device, making it easier to accomplish your daily tasks. Included Pixlr, 2FA, QR Snapper, Stopwatch, iFile, iCleaner, and more tool collection.

No expert knowledge is needed. Simply copy the repo link to Cydia 2 and enjoy.

Repo URL:

Apple Hub Repository

Apple Hub is another top Cydia 2 source. Several new features have been added, such as an icon generator, Beta Profiles, Apple DB, Airport, and other useful items.

The Apple Hub repo URL is here; just enjoy it with Cydia 2.

Repo URL:

Showlive Repository

Showlive Cydia 2 repository is specially designed for iPhone theming. It contains a massive amount of lock screen themes and home screen themes. After adding this repo through Cydia 2, you will be surprised by the unbelievable themes it offers.

This Cydia 2 repo is mostly suitable for the newest devices up to iOS 17.

Repo URL:

Kfd Repository

Browse all the KFD-related IPAs using the Cydia 2 KFD repository; they are all in one place. Supports iOS 16 and iOS 17 versions, as well as iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 device models, without the need for jailbreak.

Simply copy the provided kfd repository URL and insert it into the Cydia 2 ‘add source’ section.

Repo URL:

Third Party Apps Repository

Third-party app repositories designed to provide the most popular tweaked apps for your latest iPhone and iPad include Troll Hub, No Code Hub, Bunny Inject, CokernutX, Eon Hub App, Free Box, iOS Gods, IPA Box, Rocket Store, Tweak Home, Cyrus Hub, Zeus, and more newly added apps.

We continuously update new apps for you. Add the Cydia 2 third-party app repo and enjoy awesome things.

Repo URL:

Online Games Repository

Try out the Cydia 2 online games repository today, it’s a haven for enthusiasts seeking the greatest iOS gaming experiences.

You can freely explore over 25+ online games, compatible with all iOS versions, added just for you.

Repo URL:

Zebra Repository

Zebra virtual package manager is now part of the Cydia 2 repo collection, granting users access to fantastic enhancements (limited). Support for rootless tweaks, themes, and other utilities that are not available in the Apple App Store.

Add the Zebra repository to Cydia, to do this, go to the ‘Add Sources’ section and paste the source URL.

Repo URL:

How to Add Cydia 2 Repo?

  1. First Install Cydia 2 Package Manager on your device – Link.
  2. Find your favorite Cydia 2 repo on this webpage.
  3. Copy the URL of the repo.
  4. Open Cydia 2 and navigate to the “Add Source” section.
  5. Paste the copied repo URL into the “Add Source” section.
  6. Wait for the installation process to complete.
  7. Refresh Cydia 2 and return to the “Sources” section.
  8. Open the newly added Cydia 2 repo.
  9. Enjoy your newly added content!