How to use Cydia + Apps and Sources

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Cydia enables iOS users to find and install software that is not authorized by Apple on jailbroken iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch devices. 

Cydia has lots of applications you can download and modify on your Apple device. Those applications are called Cydia tweaks or else jailbreak tweaks. You can get some tweaks from the best cydia tweaks for iOS 16 & Higher page. These tweaks can enhance your device and you will be able to feel a completely different device. 

Here is a useful guide to using Cydia after installing on your iDevice. 

Once you open the Cydia Package installer and the home screen will appear to be like this.

There are 5 tabs on the bottom of the home screen. 

  1. Cydia – Home
  2. Sources
  3. Changes / Updates
  4. Installed Packages
  5. Search Tab

Repos / Sources

If you tap on the second tab on the bottom of the screen, you will head to the source screen which is also called repos (repositories).

Sources is a website that contains a bunch of Cydia tweaks. You must first add sources to install Cydia tweaks. When you install cydia, a few repos will be added by default. Bigboss repo is one of them. 

If you consider the best repos in 2023 it will be helpful to feel the latest awesome Cydia tweaks.

How to Add Repos on Cydia

Here is the easiest step by step guide to add sources on the latest Cydia. 

Step 1– Open Cydia and tap on the Sources tab.

Step 2– Tap on “Edit”, In the top right corner.

Step 3– Tap on “Add” In the top left corner.

Step 4– Now, type the repo link that you want to download.

Step 5– Tap on “Add source”.

That’s it! Now the source has been added to cydia and you can install tweaks available in that source.

Note: Whenever you open the Cydia all the sources will be refreshed automatically. Don’t cancel it because once it is refreshed you will be able to see all the available updates.

How to Install Cydia Tweak

Let’s see the steps to install a Cydia tweak on your iOS device. 

Step 1: Open Cydia, tap on the “Sources” tab and add the source first.  

Step 2: Type the name of the tweak you want to install on the Search option. 

Tap on your desired tweak and there will be a description of it. You must carefully read that and check if your iOS version is supported by the tweak or not. You need to verify the iOS version because some tweaks are only supported for specific iOS versions so it will cause some errors.   

Step 3: Then tap on install. 

Here you will have 3 options; Cancel, Confirm, and Continue. 

Step 4: Tap on Confirm.

After the installation process is finished, you will have to restart the springboard. Now your desired tweak is installed!

What is the Cydia queue?

Suppose you want to install multiple tweaks at once. At such a moment what you need to do is,

Step 1: Select your desired tweak. 

Step 2: Then tap on “Continue Queuing”. 

Continue Queuing lets you install multiple tweaks at the same time.  

Step 3: After selecting all the tweaks, tap on the queue badge and tap on “Confirm”.

How to Delete Cydia Tweak

So, here are simply the steps to delete a Cydia tweak.

Step 1– Open Cydia and wait for it to be refreshed. 

In case you receive a notification that says Cydia has an essential update as shown in the below image, don’t ignore it and tap on “Complete Upgrade”.

Step 2– Then go to the “Installed” tab and type the name of the tweak you want to delete.

Step 3– Tap on Modify Remove. 

You will be asked to restart the springboard and the detecting process will be done!


This “Changes” tab is where you can find newly-released packages or updates to currently-installed packages.

How to use cydia after install


If you go to the installed tab you will be able to see all the installed tweaks. That is, this is where all of your installed tweaks are located.

How to use cydia after install

There are three tabs on the top of the screen; User, Expert, and Recent.

If you tap the “Recent” tab you can see the recently installed tweaks. This is important because sometimes you can face issues like, Cydia tweaks are not supported, and sometimes Cydia tweaks conflict with other tweaks and this may cause your device to go to safe mode. At times like that, you can go to the “Recent” tab, check the recently installed cydia tweaks, and delete them.

Substrate Safe Mode

This is really a great feature of cydia and this mode is to protect your device from bad cydia tweaks. If you accidentally install a bad cydia tweak that can be harmful to your device, your device will respring into safe mode. In this mode, none of your tweaks will be active. Only cydia will open.

Uninstalling the most recent tweak you installed is what you can do in this case. This is a reason why you must be really careful when installing tweaks. So always confirm a tweak works on your iOS version before installing it. If you install a really really bad tweak sometimes it will cause your device to break. 

Since incidents like this rarely happen, there is no need to be scared at all. And even if it happens there are multiple ways to delete bad tweaks.

Can we get Cydia apps for free?

Cydia is totally free to download and install. There are numerous tweaks in cydia that can enhance your device. But among all those tweaks, there are a few paid Cydia tweaks as well. 

Paid apps are shown in blue color.

There is no need to worry about that because most of the Cydia tweaks are free!