Rootless repos with tweaks for Dopamine (Fugu15 Max)

We have listed the currently trending rootless repositories with available tweaks. You can try all these repos with Dopamine and Fugu15 jailbreak tools on iOS 15.4.1 – iOS 15 for iPhone/iPad devices.

1. BigBoss Repository – For Dopamine Jailbreak

BigBoss is one of the oldest and most popular repositories, containing a massive collection of repos, tweaks, cool themes, and both free and paid apps for your jailbroken and non-jailbroken iPhone/iPad.

BigBoss Repository

Furthermore, the BigBoss repo offers a wide range of useful categories for iOS modifications, including widgets, entertainment, games, developments, ringtones, utilities, fonts, messaging, and add-ons. Presently, rootless repositories have become popular among iOS users for modifying their devices, and the BigBoss repository now supports rootless jailbreak as well. You can add this repo to iOS 5 to iOS 15 devices, and it can be installed through jailbreak tools like Dopamine, checkra1n, or Unc0ver.

  • Popular tweaks available in BigBoss: Activator / Springtomize / Winterboard / Barrel / SwipeSelection / Eclipse / AppSync Unified / Anemone / CallBar
  • Above, I mentioned a few of the tweaks available in the BigBoss repo. Additionally, you can find UI enhancements, Control Center modifications, lock screen customization options, app switcher enhancements, keyboard modifications, battery, and performance improvements, feature-rich file managers, security enhancements, and notification center improvements.

2. Chariz Repository – For Dopamine Jailbreak

Chariz is one of the most trending repositories for every iOS user and developer. It presents an amazing collection of apps and utilities that can significantly improve your device’s performance. The repository serves as an excellent source for enhancing your device’s usability and adding various extra features.

Chariz Repository

Within Chariz, you can explore different categories of packages, including newly released developments, themes, icon packs, jailbreak tools, and lock screen customization options, among others. Moreover, it supports rootless jailbreak and offers your favorite tweaks, with version ranges spanning from iOS 12 to iOS 16. X.

  • Popular tweaks available in Chariz: OneSettings, AlbumManager, SearchDots, Velvet2, Atria, Bolders Reborn, Ding, BetterAlarm, QuickActions, AppIndex, and Snowboard

3. Havoc Repository – For Dopamine Jailbreak

Introducing the Havoc Repository – It’s like your home for Rootless-Supported Jailbreak Tweaks!

Havoc Repository

Take your iOS iPhone and iPadOS 16 to 15 devices to the next level with the Havoc repository. It’s all about making life easier and more enjoyable for you. With the trend of rootless jailbreaks, tweak developers are joining the party by offering rootless versions of their repos & tweaks, perfectly compatible with the brand-new iOS device versions.

They’ve got you covered with both root and rootless .deb files, so you can easily find and download the rootless support packages, amazing tweaks, themes, free versions of tweaks, and the latest released products without any doubt. Nowadays, you know that the Dopamine jailbreak tool is the most popular for installing rootless support packages. So, you have a chance to find hundreds of packages that perfectly work with Dopamine jailbreak.

  • Popular tweaks available in Havoc: Myriad, TapticKeys, Hyperion, and BatteryPercentX

4. Sileo Repository – For Dopamine Jailbreak

Sileo is the APT package manager, and currently supports rootless installations, offering awesome enhancements for your Apple devices. It provides both free and paid packages, third-party apps, tweaks, themes, and utilities for all jailbroken users. Sileo is compatible with iOS versions ranging from iOS 12 to iOS 16.

Sileo Repository

With Sileo, you’ll enjoy great features and an impressive user interface, alongside a vast collection of package categories. While Cydia and Sileo share similar functionalities, the packages they include are different. Sileo presents brand-new and fresh content, sharing the needs of every iOS user. Experience the best of jailbreak enhancements with Sileo on your Apple device!

  • Popular tweaks available in Sileo: CopyLog, CarBridge, Snapper 3, Lynx 2, BigSurCenter, AIM, Ampere, FloatingDockXVI, and ArtFull.

5. SparkDev Repository – For Dopamine Jailbreak

The SparkDev repository is known as a well-known source for purchasing the SnowBoard theming engine as a free version. This repo is the home of the SnowBoard Theming engine.

SparkDev Repository

Additionally, it offers an excellent range of jailbreak tweaks and other iOS improvements. With SparkDev, you have a great opportunity to add a personal touch to your home screen and lock screen. Essentially, you can modify your icons and app interfaces by adding some iOS themes by using Snowboard through SparkDev.

  • Popular tweaks available in SparkDev: Myriad, TapticKeys, Hyperion, and BatteryPercentX.

6. Limneo’s Repository – For Dopamine Jailbreak

The Limneos repo is a trending source for accessing the latest iOS enhancements. The talented developer, Elias Limneos, designs cool iOS tweaks and packages specifically for your jailbroken devices. Moreover, the Limneos repository has recently been updated to offer rootless support, further enhancing your device.

Limneo’s Repository

This repository has gained popularity due to its collection of rootless tweaks, including AnsweringMachine, AquaBoard XS, AutoAnswer XS, and many more. With such a wide range of tweaks, the Limneos repo has become a great destination for improving your device’s usability.

  • Popular tweaks available in Limneo’s: CallBar XS, Glow v5.0-11 (rootless), NFCWriter, BioProtect XS, NFCWriter XS, AnsweringMachine XS, AquaBoard XS, VoiceChanger XS, AudioRecorder XS(rootless), DynamicPeninsula

7. SOPPPra’s Repository – For Dopamine Jailbreak

The SOPPPra Repository is another excellent rootless updated source for iOS users. It is packed with some useful tweaks that are compatible with Fugu15 Max or Dopamine jailbreak methods.

SOPPPra's Repository

This repository is especially popular for the SettingsRevamp tweak and other Control Center modification features for iOS.

This tweet may be old, but now the SettingsRevamp tweak has rootless support!

If you’re looking to enhance your iOS experience, SOPPPra has got you covered with its impressive selection of tweaks and modifications.

  • Popular tweaks available in SOPPPra: CallBar XS, Glow v5.0-11 (rootless), NFCWriter, BioProtect XS, NFCWriter XS, AnsweringMachine XS, AquaBoard XS, VoiceChanger XS, AudioRecorder XS(rootless), DynamicPeninsula

8. Poomsmart’s Repository – For Dopamine Jailbreak

Poomsmart has just rolled out an update with rootless support.

Poomsmart's Repository

It’s another fantastic repository for exploring awesome Cydia tweaks and you can install Cydia, Installer, Zebra, and Sileo Package managers with Poomsmart repository. With over 100+ packages available, there’s plenty to enjoy!

  • Popular tweaks available in Poomsmart: YouQuality, EmojiPort, CC Wi-Fi, YouMute, YTVideoOverlay, PhotRes+, Adguard Unbounded, SMSGroupName, AppPad, YouPip, ForceInPicture, YouMusicPiP

9. TIGI Software Repository – For Dopamine Jailbreak

Are you familiar with the well-known Filza Manager? It is available in the TIGI Software Repository.

TIGI Software Repository

This repo currently supports seamless rootless access for iPhone/iPad users. It provides various versions and types of package managers for iOS 16 – iOS 14 devices, allowing you to add your favorite private photos and videos to the application.

  • Popular tweaks available in TIGI Software: FilzaFile Manager, Filza 64-bit, FilzaEscaped

10. ETHN’s Repository – For Dopamine Jailbreak

ETHN’s Cydia repository offers numerous rootless packages for enhancing your device. It provides amazing tweaks and themes, including the latest versions like iOS 16 & higher.

ETHN's Repository
  • Popular tweaks available in ETHN’s: NoWidgetLabel, MacPass, AppIndex, IconRotation, Mirage, MusicArtwork, MusicLyricsShare, SettingsButtonUI, MagicalScrolBars

Above, we have gathered and provided useful information about the most commonly used repositories for you. Additionally, repositories like German’s, NiceiOS, Procursus, Nebb’s, Amy’s, Dhinak’s, P2KDev’s, jjolano, Lizynz’s, and Dcsyhi1998’s have been updated to support rootless installations.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Cydia Rootless Repo?

Cydia Rootless Repo is a repository for hosting tweaks, themes, and iOS modifications compatible with rootless Jailbreak. Allows users to install tweaks on devices without needing a full jailbreak.

2. What is rootless Jailbreak?

It is a very safe jailbreak solution that allows users to jailbreak their iOS devices, allowing the installation of tweaks and modifications without accessing the device’s full root file system.

3. How do I add the Cydia Rootless Repo to my iDevice?

To add the rootless repository to your device, follow these steps:

  • Open Cydia Rootless Package Manager on your device.
  • Go to the “Sources” tab.
  • Tap “Edit” (In the top right corner).
  • Select “Add” (In the top left corner).
  • Enter your favorite repo URL: [Ex:].
  • Tap “Add Source” to add the repository to Cydia.

4. Are the tweaks on Cydia rootless repo safe to use?

It depends on your selected repo for getting tweaks. It is better to add tweaks from trusted sources

5. Can I remove the Cydia Rootless Repo after installing tweaks?

Yes, you can remove Cydia Rootless Repo from Cydia’s sources after installing the required tweaks. However, keep in mind that removing the repo may prevent you from receiving updates for tweaks in the repository.