Tweaks for iOS

Get the trendiest Cydia or Sileo tweaks for your latest iPhone and iPad devices’ enhancements. You can find tweaks that support iOS 16 to iOS 17.4 versions along with their installation links.

Reo Tweak

reo tweak for iOS

Reo is a newly released rootless music player compatible with iOS 13 to iOS 17. It supports Spotify access and features dark and light modes, player minimization options, appearance customization, color changes, and background music player adjustments. It is designed with fully animated options.

Translomatic Tweak

Translomatic tweak for iOS

Translate any text, including web page text, social media posts, newspaper articles, tweets, messenger messages, emails, or any other content. It supports iOS 13 to iOS 16.7.1 versions without requiring system root access.

Gravity Tweak

Gravity tweak for iOS

Gravity is an older tweak that makes your home screen icons move as if affected by gravity. Even though it’s old, it’s still pretty cool to have. It supports any iOS 13 to iOS 7 version running iDevice.

Stella Tweak

Add snowflake effects on your home screen, notifications, and music player on iOS 15 to 17.2 devices without root access. Additional features include customizing speed, colors, and replacing snowflakes with images.

Rune Tweak

Effortlessly access your iOS device actions by swiping up – customizing panels, and picking actions, all compatible with iOS 14 & higher on any device.

Dynamic Stage Tweak

Dynamic Stage is a modified version of Stage Manager for iPhone (iOS 14 to iOS 15), mixing with Dynamic Island. It smoothly integrates with iOS, giving you fluid gestures and animations for better multitasking.

Mochi15 Tweak

Mochi 15 tweak is a stunning music player for iOS 15, compatible with both iPhone and iPad. It offers a customizable UI, color-changing buttons and labels, and adjustable label scrolling speed.

RENA Tweak

Rena tweak lets you open your favorite app icons on the iOS 15 lock screen, featuring 5 app selection and customizable size.

PFPViewer Tweak

PFPViewer tweak enables you to easily view profile pictures by simply performing a long-tap gesture.

Here is a list of supported apps

  • Instagram ( Profile Pic )
  • Discord ( Profile Pic + Banners / Animayet and static )
  • TikTok ( Profile Pic / Webp + Static )
  • Twitch ( Profile Pic )
  • VK: Profile pictures in user profiles (cropped for private accounts)
  • In the ‘People you may know’ section (full images).

Macaron Tweak

The dock customization tweak displays a photo in the background of your iPhone/iPad dock. Get ready to turn heads with the stunning background photo on your dock!

Key features

  • Picture-Perfect: Choose your favorite image and let Macaron transform your dock into a visual masterpiece. Whether it’s a cherished memory or an inspiring landscape, your dock will reflect your unique style.
  • GIF Compatible: Take it up a notch with animated GIFs! Add a touch of liveliness to your dock and make it a conversation starter.
  • Customize Blur: Strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. Macaron lets you fine-tune image blur, ensuring your icons pop while the background shines through elegantly.

Macaron tweak is compatible with iOS 16.5 to iOS 16 devices. You can get this tweak for jailbroken and non-jailbroken (Rootless) devices.

ENA Tweak

ENA Tweak- Extract Nearly Anything

ENA Tweak will extract anything effortlessly from your favorite photos with a simple long press. Get precise control over object extraction, all performed on your device.

This perfect tweak works with iOS 16.5 – iOS 14.0 (Palera1n Jailbreak Tested) and also supports rootless jailbreak. Enhance your creativity with ENA tweak, your Photo Extraction Powerhouse today!

YTKillerPlus Tweak

Let’s enhance your YouTube experience with YTKillerPlus! It supports rootless jailbreak and works with iOS 16 & higher versions.

You can enjoy ad-free viewing options, background play (Much more useful), HD streaming under any type of connection (5G/4G/3G), the ability to stream 4K videos, customize YT tab bar, app lock security options, and more other coolest options. Get it now for just $1.99 as a paid version and you can easily revolutionize the way you watch YouTube!

AlbumManager Tweak

The AlbumManager tweak is designed to enhance the security and privacy level of your device’s photo application. The functionality of this jailbreak tweak enables you to move photos from the camera roll to specific albums.

You can use your Face ID/Touch ID or passcode protection feature to increase security. Additionally, you can enhance the security level of your third-party apps, such as Instagram, Facebook, Google apps, file managers, emulators, and many more, by utilizing locked albums. This tweak is available for iOS 16.5 to iOS 15 running iOS devices. It is already tested and successfully works with Dopamine, XinaA15, and Palera1n jailbreaks.

ArtFull Tweak

ArtFull Tweak

The ArtFull tweak provides a visually stunning redesign for the existing Apple Music Player. It is compatible with a wide range of iOS versions, ranging from iOS 14 to iOS 16, for both iPhone and iPad devices. This tweak supports both rootless and rootfull jailbreaks, including Dopamine, Xina15, and Plaera1n Jailbreak.

Offers amazing features such as animation for album artwork and full-screen animations for albums with animated artwork in your iOS music player. These features provide an excellent boost to enhance your visual experience. Additionally, it includes iOS 16 and higher style sliders for volume and time control in the Music app, Control Center, and lock screen, as well as a faded artwork feature.

AppIndex Tweak

AppIndex Tweak
AppIndex Tweak

A brand-new application manager for iOS!

Get the modern features for your iOS app management with AppIndex, a newly launched iOS Applications Manager. Analyze, sort, search, and explore your apps with ease. Backup, export, and restore apps effortlessly. Dive into extensive app information, metrics, and advanced insights. AppIndex empowers you to take control of your iOS app experience like never before. Discover the power of AppIndex today!

Ding Tweak

Experience unprecedented control over your iPhone’s ringer switch with Ding.

This powerful tweak lets you force unmuted/muted status, ignore the physical switch, assign actions to ringer presses, unmute for ringtone only, keep haptics enabled, and choose the switch position for actions. Compatible with iOS 13 and higher versions of iPhone/iPad, Ding revolutionizes your device’s functionality for ultimate customization. Take charge of your ringer switch like never before with Ding!

ChromaFlow Tweak

ChromaFlow is the ultimate music enhancement tweak for iOS. It matches your device’s now playing user interface to your music’s album artwork, includes an optional iOS 10 style music player on your lock screen, and brings perfect vibrant colors to the Music app’s now playing view.

It supports iOS 14.2 to iOS 15.0 versions, ChromaFlow transforms your music experience into a visual delight. Please note that resizing & expanded-view media player features are not available on iOS 15 or up versions.

SearchDots Tweak

Experience the future of search on your iOS 15 device with this awesome tweak. Bring the iOS 16 search pill to life, offering options like Spotlight or App Library Search, adjustable Y Offset, and the ability to hide the background. Enhance your search experience and the power of customization.

Sleepizy 2 Tweak

Sleepizy 2 Tweak

Sleepizy is an iOS 15.7 to iOS 14.2 support jailbreak tweak. You can seamlessly integrate into your device’s control Center which allows you to set a timer to stop your music.

It offers automation features, mimics a built-in feature, and has various customization options like stopping music after hours/minutes/tracks, restarting the timer within one shake, showing the remaining time, and more. With Sleepizy, falling asleep with music becomes even more enjoyable.

SwitchShades Tweak

SwitchShades Tweak

Modify your app-switching experience with this amazing tweak! Add dynamic colors to your app switcher based on the current app’s icon, complete with smooth color transitions while scrolling.

Features – customize transparency levels & enjoy compatibility across iOS 14.5 to 11.0. Upgrade your visual experience and make your device truly stand out.

OneSettings Tweak

OneSettings Tweak

OneSettings is an awesome tweak for the Settings app that brings the familiar look and feel of Samsung’s OneUI to iOS. With OneSettings, you have the ability to hide the iCloud account cell and search bar, fulfilling your desire for a cleaner interface.

This iOS modification tweak offers a massive amount of customization options and features such as subtitles for table cells, custom settings background, Adjusting table view insets and corner radius, and amount of spoofing storage. With this newest tweak, you can get fresh updates and more features.

Features of OneSettings

  • Support iOS 16.5 to iOS 14
  • Custom Colors
  • Jailbreak Icons
  • Custom background images
  • Offsets

Call Recorder X+ Tweak

Call Recorder X+ is a rootless tweak that enables users to record any phone or VoIP calls using their Apple device without needing an external call service.

This tweak is compatible with iOS 16 to iOS 12 and perfectly records calls from Telegram, Skype, Viber, Signal, Line, Facetime, WeChat, and more. The other features of this app include options to play, remove, and share recordings, as well as set up activator gestures.

YTHoldForSpeed Tweak

YTHoldForSpeed Tweak
Hold YT Speed Option

By tapping and holding on to the video player on your YouTube app, the YTHoldForSpeed tweak enables you to swiftly switch between a chosen video playback speed. Additionally, when a new video player is out, there is a feature to automatically apply the selected speed.

This tweak was tested and worked with various youtube versions including the 2023 released youtube app. YTHoldForSpeed tweak is compatible with iOS 16.5 to iOS 13.0 versions. It is possible to use checkra1n, sideloaded app, and palera1n-c(rootless) jailbreak methods and also this tweak is already supported on rootless jailbreak.

Features of YTHoldForSpeed

  • Adjust the toggle speed / Option to apply speed automatically / Hold the gesture / Haptic feedback / Hold duration (seconds)

Complications Tweak

Complications Tweak

Let’s beautify your jailbroken device’s lock screen by using Apple Watch widgets. The complications tweak offers full compatibility with the latest jailbreaks running iOS 15.7.2 to iOS 12.0 versions running on all devices. It does not support rootless jailbreak. This is a paid tweak and it is a very nice lock screen customization tweak.

Features of Checkl0ck

  • Run tweak without Apple watch
  • Shortcuts to choose some options such as Alarm, Date, Calendar, Mail, Home, and many more
  • Animation effects
  • Customize the widget position/move and fit
  • Add any app shortcuts in the quick access points of complications

IWantTranslucent Tweak

IWantTranslucent Tweak

IWantTranslucent is an awesome tweak that enhances the 3D touch context menu by replacing its unattractive effects with a clean and translucent look on your iOS 15 and 16 devices.

It offers customizable options for adjusting the level of translucency, resulting in a visually pleasing and cool interface. With IWantTranslucent, you can enjoy a more elegant and distraction-free user experience while using the 3D touch context menu on your iOS device.

Checkl0ck Tweak

Checkl0ck Tweak

Experience enhanced security level on your checkm8 device with Checkl0ck, a powerful tweak offering passcode & biometric protection for iOS 16 to iOS 14.

Whether you’ve jailbroken your device using palera1n or checkra1n, the Checkl0ck tweak enables you to protect your iOS device with your Face ID/Touch ID, passcode, and biometric authentication. This package is available for rootless (palera1n) and rootful (checkra1n) jailbreak.

Features of Checkl0ck

  • Set numeric & alphanumeric passwords
  • Use FaceID/TouchID to unlock the Device
  • When your device is locked, it hides notification text
  • Autofill Password (Safari Browser)

Cornuicopia Tweak

Cornuicopia Tweak

The Cornuicopia brand new tweak offers an awesome enrichment that beautifully rounds corners in various interfaces. Such as deck/card/grid switcher, screen edges within apps, Control Center modules, videos, buttons, sliders, notifications, page dots, and widgets for free.

This rootless tweak perfectly works with all iOS devices, including A12 and up device models, running iOS 14, iOS 15 & iOS 16.

Zetsu Tweak

Zetsu Tweak

Elevating an iPhone’s multitasking capabilities is the main function of the Zetsu tweak. It is a completely free jailbreak tweak that allows you to do multiple operations of various apps from your iOS Home Screen.

Zetsu tweak was initially designed for iOS 14, but it also update to work with iPhone or iPadOS 15 to 14. Furthermore, it has a game customizable feature to the Haptic Touch gesture/3D Touch and the ability to view an application in a window.

Amelija Tweak

The Amelija tweak empowers you to effortlessly apply custom blur settings on the fly for both your Home Screen & Lock Screen wallpapers. This tool changes the appearance of any of your favorite wallpaper, offering lots of blur effects.


  • Dark / Light / Epic Blur / Prominent / Adaptive / Only Blur Notification and More

After applying this tweak you can adjust the blur level of wallpaper and it has more amazing customization options for you. This free tweak now updates to support Dopamine & Fugu15 Max jailbreaks, ensuring compatibility with a wider range of iOS 15 to iOS 14 devices.

PowerSelector Tweak

PowerSelector Tweak

PowerSelector is a must-have tweak for your iOS device. It also provides a range of useful options such as power off, reboot, Lock, safe mode, power off Menu, respring, Uicache, UserSpace Reboot, and respring. The tweak also comes with a widget that enables easy access from your device Control Center. With this option, you can see additional information on Global IP, Wi-Fi IP, RAM, and uptime.

This free tweak is compatible with iOS 16 to iOS 11 devices with Dopamine and Palera1n rootless jailbreak or Xina15 and Palera1n rootfull Jailbreak methods.

KBApp Tweak

KBApp Tweak

KBApp is a useful free tweak that enables a useful way to arrange applications at the bottom of your iOS device keyboard. It offers handy shortcut options for your keyboard, including Copy, Undo, Translator, & Select all, making optimal use of the available space. Experience enhanced typing efficiency on your iOS 13 – 14. X jailbroken device with the incredible KBApp Tweak.


  • Add options to Copy, Paste, Translate & Select all on your keyboard
  • Ability to Change starting position of your apps & Spacing between apps
  • Adjust the size of the icons
  • Customize distance from the bottom of the screen

SettingsRevamp Tweak

SettingsRevamp Tweak

SettingsRevamp tweak personalize your settings app perfectly!

The other features are it simplifies the organization of installed tweaks, system apps, and app store apps on iOS 16 to iOS 14. It enables customization of the Settings app with a professional look. The tweak allows you to modify the appearance of labels, cells, and icons, and even add an image on top of the pane.

CopyLog Tweak

CopyLog Tweak

CopyLog Tweak is designed for both iPhone and iPad, it is an intuitive clipboard history manager that simplifies the task of keeping track of your device’s copied items


  • Access to specific text snippets by marking them as favorites
  • Copy multiple text snippets
  • Save your time while engaging in multiple tasks
  • In case you need to recover a copied item, it’s always possible to do so
  • By automatically adding text snippets to your history, it becomes effortless to access them with ease

This CopyLog Tweak is compatible with iOS 15 to iOS 11 iDevices. It is updated for Xina15 and Dopamine Jailbreak.

ColorBar15 Tweak

ColorBar15 Tweak

Adding a splash of beautiful color to your iPhone’s Status Bar is made possible with ColorBar15, a rootless jailbreak tweak that supports iOS 15 jailbreaks like XinaA15, Dopamine, Palera1n, and other jailbreak methods too.

By using ColorBar15, you can easily renew your iOS device status bar with your favorite color. Also, it will replace the color of the text (like LTE, 3G, 4G, 5G), time indicator, Wi-Fi indicator, glyphs, LTE signal, camera, microphone, indicator, notch background, and network activity indicator.

BigSurCenter Tweak

BigSurCenter Tweak

The sleek and stylish BigSurCenter tweak is designed to replace the standard iOS control center with a more elegant and lightweight version inspired by the latest control center in macOS Big Sur. It supports iOS 16.3.1 to iOS 14 devices and this powerful tweak delivers a seamless user experience.


  • Select your favorite modules in the top right modules
  • Arrange slider modules
  • Option to adjust the presentation speed according to your preference
  • Hide some elements
  • Customize the corner radius for the background or modules

IconRotation Tweak

IconRotation-Rootless Tweak

iOS 16.5 – iOS 13 users can use IconRotation Rootless Tweak which enables users to rotate app icons in their home screen with device orientation.

This awesome tweak also supports iPhone 14, iPhone 13, iPhone 12, and iPhone 11 device models. You can get this tweak from ETHN’s Repository.

OLED Notification Tweak

OLED Notification Tweak

By installing the OLED notification tweak, you can enhance your notification experience with stunning pulse effects, a variety of border modes, and eye-catching icons. Not only that, but this tweak also refreshes your lock screen by adding customizable widgets such as battery indicators, time displays, and status bars, among many other options.

Once you’ve installed this powerful tweak, you’ll gain full access to customization options that let you fine-tune everything from widget position and scaling to brightness and lock orientation. With support for iOS versions ranging from 11.0 to 16.0, the OLED rootless notification tweak is the perfect way to bring new life to your iOS lock screen.

Nolabel Tweak

Nolabel Tweak
After & Before Applying Nolabel Tweak

Nolabel is a great iOS home screen customization tweak that removes the name of your iOS home screen app icons. It is fully free and rootles tweak. Supported iOS 16 to iOS 15 on all iOS devices.

Dock Controller Tweak

Dock Controller Tweak

Dock Controller is a powerful tweak that allows you to take full control of your iOS dock.

With compatibility ranging from iOS 12 to iOS 16, you can choose from different dock types, enable or disable the dock background, increase the number of icons in the dock, and enjoy advanced customization options for iPad docks. Enhance your dock experience and personalize it to suit your preferences with Dock Controller.


Eliza is an amazing tweak that changes the color of your iOS device’s battery icon to indicate its level of charge, and this modification is compatible with rootless on iOS 14 and later iOS releases.

Eliza Tweak


PinAnim is an awesome rootless tweak for iOS 14.8.1 – 14.0 devices, it will enable you to add 4 different animation effects on your Lock Screen pin code dots. It brings new life and a fresh vibe to your pin code dots.

What are the available Animation effects?

Bounce / Stay / Scale & Hidden


  • Cool Animations
  • Speed
  • Unlock & Deletion Animation
  • Transitions Effects
  • Amplification

InstaLauncher 2

By swiping from the device edges, InstaLauncher 2 rootless tweak enables you to display a launcher of your preference, making it a system-wide application launcher

This tweak helps you to open your favorite apps in a fast way. It offers classic, dock and drawer launcher styles and gestures to active launchers. Available some customizable options such as Themes, dark mode, left/right-handed mode, and more. It is easy to apply this theme for iOS 15.7.5 – iOS 15 running iPhone or iPad devices

Snapper 2

Keeping a floating portion of the screen is made possible by the Snapper tweak. This useful tweak allows you to crop a section of the screen.


  • Ability to get multiple snaps on the screen at the same time
  • Before snapping, ensure that the area to be cropped is under your control.
  • User-friendly and customizable
  • Allows zoom for unzoomable images
  • Easy QR code scanning option
  • Copy snap to the clipboard automatically
  • Beautiful animation effects

This tweak is compatible with iOS 15.7.5 to iOS 12 versions running iOS devices and perfectly works with FuguMax or Dopamine Jailbreak

Snapper 2 Tweak


Anouk is a brand-new tweak, which adds a layer of security to a hidden album of your device’s photos by requiring authentication to access it.

Additionally, the application automatically navigates back to the previous view if the user leaves the hidden album open to prevent unauthorized access.

Device Compatibility

This tweak can use as a free & open source. It does not support Xina15 Jailbreak. It is compatible with iOS 16.4.1 to iOS 13.0 running iOS devices.

Anouk Tweak iOS 16 - iOS 13


Elevate your portrait mode photography on dual-camera iPhones with Aperturize tweak. It is suitable for adjusting the depth of field (bokeh) in your pictures.


  • Adjust the Blur level (Using a Slider in your photos app)
  • Get portraits with expert-level of blur
  • Available high-key mono filter
  • Change blur intensity before taking the captures
  • Compatible with iOS 16.2 to iOS 11
  • Support dopamine jailbreak also

BioProtect XS

BioProtect XS cydia tweak is a great tool for adding extra protection for all kinds of iOS apps with Face ID, Touch ID, or Passcode. This excellent tweak works with every iOS 16, iOS 15, iOS 14, iOS 13, and iOS 12 version running iPhone or iPad devices.

The other BioProtect XS features are the ability to change the appearance & circle’s color, alert title, and vibration feedback. Ability to protect settings, folders, sim unlock, control center, power button, and more.

BioProtect XS Cydia tweak


The Textyle tweak enables you to style up your preferred text with 33 different styles of font styles

Textyle also offers a range of customization options, including reordering of styles, per-app switches, toggling, and menu options

It perfectly integrates with the text selection menu and can replace the dictation button with a toggle and selection switch for stylization, making the process even more accessible for iOS 16.3.1 to iOS 15 Jailbroken users.

Textyle Tweak


By using NoWidgetLabels on your iOS home screen, only the labels of the widgets will be hidden, leaving all other labels unaffected.

  • It only hides the labels of widgets on your iOS 16 home screen!
  • Rootless Tweak
  • Support iOS 16.2 to iOS 14.0 versions
NoWidgetLabels Tweak


Experience the ultimate in modern alarm functionality with BetterAlarm – the latest tweak that delivers an impressive alarm screen and iOS timer directly to your iOS 16 lock screen

Some of the main features are Smart Snooze / Confirm you’re awake / Keep your next alarm in sight / Scan a QR code / Quickly change or stop an alarm / customizable options such as Text color, Text Size, Button position (Top/bottom) / Background color with gradients / Adjust space of the screen in each button should take and more to come.

Plus for Instagram

“Plus for Instagram” is a must-have latest tweak for you, as it is a lightweight tweak that unlocks the full potential of your Instagram account. With this tweak, you can do many things that you wish to do with Instagram. It has hundreds of unbelievable features, which can be used like a pro version of Instagram. So, let’s have fun!

Features of Plus for Instagram Tweak

  • See Unsent Direct Messages
  • Media Downloader
  • Watch Stories or Live without knowing them!
  • Copy Comment Text
  • Cool Story Video Editor
  • Data Saving Mode
  • Full-Resolution Insta Dp
  • Disable Quick Reactions
  • Customize Typing… Status
  • Enable Instagram Music
  • Focus Mode

This cool tweak is compatible with iOS 14 & higher versions running devices!

No Adds?
Smart Copy Comment

Exiwall Tweak

Renew your iPhone home screen with an Exiwall tweak. It perfectly generates depth effect wallpapers that can replace part of the subject in the wallpaper above the date and time on your iOS 16 lock screen.

You can use your favorite portrait orientation & photos with Exiwall and it will not support video and animated wallpapers. This is not a fully iOS lock screen customization tweak, Kalm and Jellyfish tweaks can be used as the other customization methods. Exiwall Tweak perfectly supports Palera1n Jailbreak with iOS 15 & 16 Jailbroken Devices.

Reach Player

Looking for a way to take your music listening experience to the next level?

Look no further than ReachPlayer! With its outstanding interface, this handy tool enhances your Reachability Window by displaying your now-playing song in a visually appealing way. Whether you’re jamming out to your favorite playlist or discovering famous artists, ReachPlayer is the perfect option to enhance your music taste. Reach Player is compatible with iOS 13.0 to 16.2.

iCleaner Pro

iCleaner Pro is the latest tool for improving your iOS device performance by removing unnecessary files.

It is a powerful tool that frees up space on your jailbroken devices. After optimizing your device with iCleaner Pro it makes a super fast speed. This amazing tool perfectly works with iOS 14 to iOS 15 devices. Available in both free and Paid versions

Say goodbye to the hassle of keeping your iPhone in top condition with iCleaner Pro – the effortless solution for a smooth-running device!

Acies Music Player

Enjoy your favorite songs with Acies music player. It gives you a unique music experience with stylish functionalities.

It customizes your locks screen media player with a stunning one and consists of incredible volume control, color changing background, improved usability (Double tap to Skip / Go back in 10 seconds), Transparency mode, and a more detailed routing button.

CoolCC Tweak

The second one on our tweaks list is CoolCC. With this tweak, you can make a cool control center on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad. If you feel bored looking at the old control center, you can try this tweak.

This tweak adds a white border line to the buttons and sliders. And also it removes the background of control center modules and buttons while giving it a cool look. This tweak can change the look of the expanded modules as well. 

Cylinder Reborn Tweak

Aadd attractive animation effects to your home screen icons, support with Apple CarPlay as well. Its a free tweak.


The second one on our list is called CarBridge. This tweak allows users to open any app from their iPhone on the CarBridge system. Not only playback apps but also you can run apps like Safari. If you have CarBridge in your car, this tweak will catch your mind. 

ActionBar Tweak

This is a cool tweak for the iOS keyboard. It displays ‘Undo,’ ‘Select,’ and ‘Paste’ whenever some text is selected.

This cool tweak will only cost 0.99$ and the following link is the repo link:

AVLock Tweak

AVLock is a cool cydia tweak that adds a rotation lock button to the stock iOS video player.


This is a marvelous tweak for your jailbroken iOS device which categorizes all the app notifications into one.

Once you tap on the icon it will expand. You can also hide notifications on specific apps.


Lyricify Tweak

Easily view the lyrics to your favorite songs on your lock screen with Lyricify tweak, which offers a stunning interface designed to complement the iOS design language.

By supporting Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, YouTube Music, Tidal, and any other popular music playback application, you can enjoy the best possible experience with just the tap of a button. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch running iOS 13.0 – iOS 15. Jailbreak needed!


Scribble Tweak

The Scribble Tweak makes it easy to unlock your iOS device with a custom drawing. Currently, you only have options to unlock your device using your passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID. However, this tweak adds another option to unlock your iOS 14.0 to iOS 12.2 device: a custom drawing. It completely replaces your device’s passcode. You can get this tweak as a free version.

Features of Scribble

  • Multiple drawing styles / Adjust stroke size / Enable paint mode / Animations for correct password attempts

Sugarcane 13 Tweak

Sugarcane 13 Tweak

This amazing tweak allows you to add the percentage level to your device’s control center and also it provides the feature to display the volume & battery indicators with percentage labels.

This feature assists in facilitating better comprehension when adjusting the volume using your device side buttons.