Cydia For iOS 17.2

Newly released Cydia 2 third-party package manager is the only way to experience jailbreak features on iOS 17.2 to iOS 17.2.1 iPhone and iPad.

Saurick’s full Cydia is unavailable now. There are no future updates or any jailbreak news available. But you can get jailbreak updates: tweaks, themes, and apps from Cydia 2 freely!!

Install Cydia 2 Here

Install Cydia for iPhone 17.2 ( Online Version of cydia )

Is Cydia 2 Repos Rootless or Rootfull?

The Cydia 2 team has released the best collection of repos and sources. These repos are completely “rootless,” allowing you to experience both non-jailbreak and jailbroken devices seamlessly.

All the following Cydia 2 repos contain amazing iPhone and iPad modifications. Try them out today.

Cydia 2 - Ela Theme Repo for iOS 17.2

Beautify your iPhone home screen with aesthetic themes.

Cydia 2 - Third Party Apps Repo for iOS 17.2

Get the newly released third-party app stores all in one place.

More Options To Install Cydia

These are the all the possible iOS 17.2 to iOS 17.2.1 trending Cydia 2, Cydia Lite, Cydia Dark and Sileo install options for you.

You can get all the following tools as free versions without any bugs.

Hacksnow Jailbreak

Hacksnow semi-jailbreak tool offers Cydia 2, Cydia Black, Sileo, and Cydia Lite as third-party package managers after finishing the jailbreak process.

zJailbreak App Store

zJailbreak online app store is the best method for getting Cydia 2. It provides an awesome collection of iOS tweaks, themes, games, and more iOS customizations for any iOS 15, iOS 17.2 to iOS 17.3 version running iDevice.

Not only Cydia, but the Sileo package manager is also possible to install from zJailbreak.

Zeon Repo Extractor

Zeon jailbreak repo extractor is another best Cydia 2 install solutions. In addition, you can install jailbreak apps, repos, tweaks, themes, and many more things for your iOS 17.2 non-jailbreak devices.

TiJong Xūnǐ Jailbreak

TiJong Xūnǐ Jailbreak is an online jailbreak method that allows you to install the Cydia 2 package manager.

The special feature is you can continue the TiJong iOS 17.2 jailbreak process using Chinese, Japanese, and English languages.

How Cydia 2 work?

“The Brand new Cydia 2 trending as a continuous version of Cydia” among the jailbreak community.

Cydia 2 offers limited features, but you can install popular iOS 17 and above support tweaks, themes, apps, and jailbreaks for your iOS 17.2.1 iPhone and iPadOS 17.2.1 devices. Unlike the full Cydia or Sileo, the Cydia 2 package manager is safe for your iPhone device. Because it does not require root access to install. It means it doesn’t void your device warranty.

NekoJB, Misaka, Cherimoya, TrollStore 2, and KFD are the newly released customization tools for iOS. After installing Cydia 2 you can get this kind of brand-new developments easily.

Advantages of Getting Cydia 2

  • You can experience Cydia for any iPhone (iOS 17 & above)
  • Tweaks, themes, games and wallpapers
  • Easy installation process – One Click
  • You can find iOS 17.2.1 support jailbreak tools / Cydia alternatives / tweaked stores.
  • Free installation. (No adds, no advance install process like full Cydia)

Difference Between Cydia and Cydia 2

✅ Cydia 2 is a without jailbreak third-party package manager, while Cydia is a full jailbreak (APT) method.

✅ Cydia 2 is a completely safe method for installing tweaks, themes, and apps. However, full Cydia being a complete jailbreak method, may cause some device warranty issues.

✅ No expert knowledge is needed to install Cydia 2, but full Cydia requires expert jailbreak knowledge both before and after installation.

✅ You can access updated developments through Cydia 2, whereas Cydia may only include outdated developments.

Best Cydia 2 Tweaks

Currently, Cydia 2 is the best place to find various iOS tweaks for enhancing your device. We have listed the most popular Cydia 2 tweaks that support any iOS 17.2 to 17.2.1 version without requiring jailbreak or system root access.

ShowAE Tweak– You can apply AE icon effects on your existing app icons without requiring jailbreak. ShowAE is best for your file app modification, it enables with iconboard. This iOS 17.2.1 support tweak is available in the Cydia 2 tweak section.

Wetr – Amazing live weather condition status for your iPhone lock screen and home screen. This is a useful Cydia 2 tweak, we offer this tweak as a free version.

Vertiblur – Blur half of your home screen wallpaper vertically. After applying the Vertiblur tweak, your app icons show nicely.

Blurred BGFrame – Blurred backgrounds give your home screen a modern look. You can set up a blurred or dark background around the area of your wallpaper by using this Cydia 2 tweak.

OverlayXR – This is another Cydia 2 tweak that allows you to customize your Dock with wallpapers. You can use any of your favorite wallpaper.

Amazing Cydia 2 Themes

Now you can beautify your home screen with our best collection of Cydia 2 themes.

The following Cydia2 themes support iOS 17 to iOS 17.2.1. While Full Cydia offers numerous themes, they only support iOS 14 to iOS 15 devices and are now outdated. However, you can get brand-new iOS themes from Cydia 2.

Aurai Theme – The Aurai theme is a unique and stylish theme available in the Cydia 2 themes section. It is designed with beautiful colors and a simple look. Upon applying the Aurai theme, you can significantly enhance the appearance of your existing app icons, making them stand out.

Aurai theme for iOS 17.2

ClassyGold Theme – The elegant look ClassyGold Cydia 2 theme features luxurious gold accents and a clean, polished interface, it offers a refined visual experience, enhancing your device’s overall appearance.

ClassyGold theme for iOS 17.2

3leven Theme – The 3leven theme provides a stylish and refined aesthetic, primarily using shades of grey, black, and dark colors. It features a detailed UI with custom auto-skin icons, providing a unified and polished look. You can easily apply the 3leven theme from Cydia 2, which supports rootless.

3leven theme for iOS 17.2

BlackLegum Theme – The BlackLegum theme stands out as an awesome dark theme. It is one of the famous iOS 17.2-supported themes that appear in the Cydia 2 store themes list. The icons are designed with an excellent 3D look. This is a great theme to add a personal touch to your existing iPhone home screen.

BlackLegum theme for iOS 17.2

OGround Theme – Explore a world of modern elegance with the OGround iOS theme. Enhance your device’s look with bold icons, calming colors, and easy connection to your favorite apps. Personalize your experience and help your eyes with this trendy, energy-saving theme. Get it now from Cydia 2 and see iOS in a different, darker way!

OGround theme for iOS 17.2

Upcoming Cydia 2 Repos

Cydia 2 team has released amazing repos for getting outstanding tweaks, themes, and various rootless packages. After their release, Cydia 2 has experienced the highest traffic.

We are ready to launch more repos collection for you. Stay tuned for updates.

  1. Tweak Stores Repo – Third-party tweakes app stores
  2. Dynamic Repo – Dynamic Island wallpapers
  3. Misaka Repo – All the misaka enhancements (Tweaks/Packages)
  4. TrollApps Repo – Best trollapps collection
  5. Altlist Repo – High Quality iPhone Backgrounds
  6. Modmyiphone Repo – For tweaks and themes
  7. Coolstore Repo – Popular iOS enhancements
  8. Cydia Dark – Dark version of Cydia Package Manager
  9. AppBox – Newest tweaked app store

Fun Cydia 2 Games

Introducing Cydia 2 challenging free games for iOS 17.2 & higer iDevices.

The full Cydia offers old games like Super Mario Land 2 – 6 Golden Coins, Bomberman Max Blue Champion, Gameboy Gallery 3, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, and Card Games. These games work for jailbroken devices only.

But now you can enjoy the newest games that support iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 from Cydia 2 no-jailbreak app store.

  • Candy Crush Saga
  • Attack Hole
  • Mob Control
  • Moto fury
  • Boat Battles
  • LightSaber
  • Jungle Roller
  • Cat Snack Bar

No Jailbreak Tweaks – iOS 17.2 – iOS 17.2.1

CopyLog Tweak

A smart clipboard history manager for iOS that works without requiring root access and supports iOS 17.2 and later iPhone or iPad. It supports you in keeping track of what you’ve copied on your device. Additionally, it allows you to favorite text snippets, keeping them safe and easily accessible, and enables you to copy multiple text snippets. – Link

Lynx 2 Tweak

If you are an iOS 17 to iOS 17.2 Apple user, you can customize your device using Lynx 2 ultimate tweak. It is designed with many options, allowing you to select the app user interface with a dark or light mode, hide the dock, apply dock background styles (transparent, dark, light), customize the home screen, spotlight, 3D touch menus, table views, scroll bars, and many more. There is no need for iOS 17.2 jailbreak, as it supports rootless. – Link

CloseAll Tweak

Quickly close all iOS apps in the App Switcher. No need for configuration or dependencies. Very easy to use and can enhance the usability of your device. – Link

Everest Tweak

Everest is an awesome tweak that brings cool animation effects when you launch your home screen apps. It includes more than 15+ animation effects and allows you to adjust the animation speed. Get a magical iOS experience with the Everest tweak! – Link

Underdock Tweak

Underdock is a very useful tweak that enables you to add easy actions on the device keyboard dock view. The options include Select, Copy, Paste, Undo, Redo, Dismiss Keyboard, Insert Text, and Start of Line. – Link

Online Tools For Install Cydia & Sileo

The following iOS 17.2 – iOS 17.2.1 jailbreak tools support you to download Cydia and Sileo package managers without needing jailbreaking or cables.

1. Checkra1n Mirror Jailbreak

Checkra1n mirror Jailbreak for iOS 17.2

Checkra1n mirror is a brand new semi-jailbreak tool that offers Cydia as a default package manager.

You can experience the online iOS 17.2.1 jailbreaking process through the Checkra1n mirror. Unlike the full jailbreak methods, you can complete the jailbreak process without Mac or Windows PC support.

We tested the Checkra1n Mirror tool on iPhone 15, iPhone 14, iPhone 13, and iPhone 12. This jailbreak tool works best on these device models without having any bugs.

Checkra1n Mirror Install Guide

1 – Download the Checkra1n mirror on your device by tapping the download button above and install it.
2 – Tap the jailbreak button. The process will be complete within a few seconds.
3 – Cydia will automatically appear on your home screen after the jailbreak is finished.

2. Hacksnow Semi-Jailbreak

Hacknsow Semi-Jailbreak for iOS 17.2

A feature-rich Hacknsow semi-jailbreak tool offers Cydia, Cydia 2, Cydia Dark, and Sileo package managers after completing the jailbreak process.

Hacknsow is the best solution for iOS 17 – iOS 17.1.2 jailbreaking. This is a web-based jailbreak tool. No need for jailbreak to install. It has a nice user interface for installing Cydia and Sileo.

Hacksnow Install Guide

1 – Click the above “install Hacknsow” button
2 -Then go to the hacknsow main page > Check the instructions > Install hacknsow
3 -Click “Start Now” > Select your favorite package manager > Cydia or Sileo
4 -Hacknsow Jailbreak Process Completed

3. Unc0ver Black Jailbreak

Uncover Black Jailbreak for iOS 17.2

This is another popular jailbreak tool that allows you to install Cydia Black for iOS 17.2.1.

Uncover full jailbreak tool only supports iOS 15 to iOS 16 versions. But the Uncover Black (virtual) tool supports the newest iPhone models. So you can start Cydia install iOS 17.2 jailbreak process by using the Uncover Black online jailbreak tool.

Most of the complete jailbreak tools are very risky for your iPhone. But this jailbreak tool is very safe, no virus attacks (Malware / Spyware) and battery-draining issues occur.

Uncover Black Install Guide

1 – First Uncover Black IPA using the above button > Install it using normal installation steps
2 -Tap the “Jailbreak” button > Jailbreak > Then Cydia will appear on your home screen
3 -Uncover Black Jailbreak Process finished.

4. Unc0ver Jailbreak

Uncover Jailbreak for iOS 17.2

The Uncover untethered jailbreak tool has the same functionalities as the Uncover Black tool. Cydia is a default package manager for the Uncover virtual jailbreak tool.

Uncover supported versions are iOS 17, iOS 17.2, iOS 17.2.1, and iOS 17.3.

Uncover Install Guide

1 – First Uncover IPA using the above button > Install it.
2 -Tap the “Jailbreak” button > Start Uncover Jailbreak > Then Cydia will appear on your home screen
3 -Uncover Jailbreak Process finished.

5. Checkra1n Jailbreak

Checkra1n Jailbreak for iOS 17.2

Checkra1n jailbreak iOS 17.2 or iOS 17.2.1 support tool was initially released as an iOS 17 and higher jailbreak solution. This is easy and fast way to jailbreak your iOS device.

Cydia is a default package manager for Checkra1n popular semi-tethered jailbreak tool.

Checkra1n jailbreak makes it simple to run on any iOS device model without needing DFU mode, and it works on MAC, Windows, or Linux OS. No errors were found during installation or when using it.

6. Cherimoya Jailbreak

Cherimoya Jailbreak for iOS 17

Cherimoya, a newly released jailbreak tool for iOS 17, This iOS 17 jailbreak tool doesn’t offer Cydia but you can get Sileo as a default package manager.

This jailbreak tool does not support iOS 17.2.1 iPhone and iPad. However, If Cherimoya were to release a jailbreak for iOS 17.2 – iOS 17.2.1 and iOS 17.3, users of that version could then install Sileo after the Cherimoya jailbreak process.

Best Tweaked Apps Stores


Tweakra1n is the latest tweaked store for iPhone 11 to iPhone 15 devices. It includes the best tweaks, both free and paid packages and a nice UI for you. You can get it as a free version.


App Box is a best iOS 17.2 tweaked store for iOS devices that offers a wide range of modified and tweaked apps, games, and utilities that are not available on the official App Store. Available Cydia 2 for you to install.


NoCodeHub is another tweaked store for iOS 17.2. Download the best apps and IPA files from NoCodeHub. It offers a variety of apps, emulators, and more. It supports both English and French languages. Now available from our Cydia 2 package manager.

Bunny Inject

Introducing Bunny Inject, available from Cydia 2, a CaspD3V-assisted project that provides a fresh and free 3rd Party AppStore with Jailbreaks, Emulators, Movie and Music streaming – all without the need for a computer or jailbreak.


iOSGods jailed app store updated with new developments. This app store works on iOS 15 to iOS 17.2 and iPadOS 17.2 versions of iPhone, iPad, and iPod. iOSGods free version is available now.

EconHub App

EonHub is the latest unofficial app installer, offering a collection of tweaked apps, hacked games, jailbreak apps, and community apps for iOS.

iOS News Updates – Cydia for iOS 17.2

Now TrollStore enhanced version support for iOS 15 to iOS 17.2 beta. You can use TrollStore as the best iOS 17.2.1 jailbreak alternative solution. (No computer or cables required)

Download TrollStore 2

iOS 17.2.1 version has been released with bug fixes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Is Cydia 2 safe for your iPhone?
A – Yes.

Q – Can I install Cydia without Jailbreak on iOS 17.2.1 devices?
A – Yes, but you need to select Cydia 2, package manager. Full Cydia required Jailbreak.

Q – Is Cydia 2 only compatible with iOS 17.2 Devices?
A – No. Cydia 2 support all the newest versions.

Q – What are the alternatives for iOS 17.2.1 Jailbreak?
A – Misaka tweak Manager / NekoJB Jailbreak / KFD-Exploit Jailbreak / TrollStore 2

Q – Does Sauricks Cydia still have updates?
A – No, but you can get Cydia experience from Cydia 2.

Q – How can I get the latest Cydia updates?
A – From Cydia 2 package manager jailbreak new section.