Install Cydia for iOS 16.3 / 16.3.1

All the iOS 16.3 / 16.3.1 support Cydia or Sileo installation jailbreak methods are listed for your iPhone/iPad. We have tested all these methods on iPhone 14, iPhone 13, iPhone 12, and iPhone 11 device models.

If your device iOS version is different, please feel free to visit our page with different Cydia or Sileo installation versions. After installing these iOS 16.3 / iOS 16.3.1 jailbreak solutions, you can personalize your device by using Cydia tweaks, themes and cydia alternatives.

1. HackSnow – Install Cydia / Sileo

The Hacksn0w online semi-Jailbreak tool provides the best solution for installing Cydia or Sileo package managers.

If you’re looking to install Cydia or Sileo on your iOS 16.3 / iOS 16.3.1 iPhone or iPad without jailbreaking, this tool with its many features is the ultimate solution for you.

By installing HackSnow, you can unlock incredible features to customize your iOS devices, whether they are jailbroken or not.

Hacksnow Online Semi Jailbreak

Package Managers for Hacksn0w

– Cydia 2 Package Manager

– Cydia (Lite) Package Manager

– Sileo Package Manager

– Cydia (Dark) Package Manager

Benefits of Using Hacknsow

  • The tool for jailbreaking iOS 16.3.1 / 16.3 has a user-friendly interface.
  • Support a wide range of iOS versions. Such as iOS 16 to iOS 17 ( beta 3 ).
  • You don’t require any expert knowledge to install hacksn0w
  • Hacksnow has been tested on various iDevices, and all tests have been passed successfully
  • Your Apple warranty remains valid
  • 100% completely secure and does not cause any battery problems
  • This is a good alternative method for Dopamine jailbreak
  • The hackns0w installation process is simple and straightforward

User Guide – HackSn0w

Open zJailbreak App Store > Select Hacksnow from the Jailbreak section > Tap on it > Click Install Button > Allow & Download > Go Device Settings > Profile download > Install > The Hacksnow tool will appear on home screen > Open Hacksnow > Click Start Now > Install cydia

2. Cydia 2 Package Manager

Cydia 2 is a newly released alternative third-party package installer for cydia. It is compatible with 16.3 / 16.3.1 running iPhone and iPad devices. Also, it perfectly works with iOS 16.4 latest iOS version.

Without needing Jailbreak you can experience free and paid packages, apps, tweaks, repos, themes, hacked and modified games and commonly used Jailbreak tools.

This is a very popular (virtual) package installer among every iPhone user because cydia 2 has an easy direct installation process and you do not need any expert knowledge to install it, everyone can install it easily. If you use cydia 2 then you can get rid of the messy Jailbreaking processes. Another important stuff is this is a 100% safe and the most trusted way to browse and install the latest packages.

Cydia 2 No Jailbreak App Store

User Guide – Cydia 2

Tap on the above “Install Cydia 2 App Store” button > Tap on ‘Allow” when the popup appears > Device Settings > Profile Downloaded > Install > Now Enter the Device Passcode > Tap on “Install” at the bottom and Finally tap “Done”.

3. Uncover Black Edition

Nowadays Uncover Black edition (virtual) is another advanced web-based semi-tethered Jailbreak tool for installing the cydia 2 dark third-party app store.

Uncover Black Edition for iOS 16

It is a very easy method and you can finish the installation process of Uncover & Cydia within a few easy steps.

This tool is designed for targeting all iOS 16 up iPhone & iPad devices. Also, it is working perfectly with iOS 16.3 / iOS 16.3.1 device versions. The Uncover Black edition has a very unique User Interface. After installing Uncover Dark edition you can install cydia2 dark from it. The Uncover installation process can be completed without Mac or Windows PC support.

Guide to Install Cydia from Uncover Black

Install The Pangu8 App Store > Then Open Pangu8 > Go to Jailbreak Solutions > Tap Uncover Black Edition > Allow > Ok > Tap Install > Profile Downloaded > Go to Device Settings > Tap On Profile > Enter Device Passcode > Install > Done > Then Uncover dark will show on your home screen > Open Uncover > Click Start > Then it will automatically check your device compatibility > Tap continue Button > Go > After completing the process It will offer Cydia 2 Download Button > Install It > Cydia 2 Installation process is successfully completed.

4. Checkra1n Virtual Jailbreak

This is another cydia install web-based online solution for you. Checkra1n virtual tool is possible to install iOS 16.3 / iOS 16.3.1 versions running iDevices, it can install online and after finishing the installation process of the checkra1n jailbreak tool it will offer cydia with limited features.

Checkra1n Virtual Jailbreak

Every iPhone 14, iPhone 13, iPhone 12, and iPhone 11 models are compatible with Checkra1n virtual Jailbreak tool. As well iOS 15 – iOS 16.2, iOS 16.3.1, iOS 16.4, and all iOS 16 based versions of iPhone or iPad devices perfectly work with the Checkrain tool without asking Jailbreak or PC Support.

Guide to Install Cydia from Checra1n Virtual Jailbreak

Open Zeon Repo Extractor > Get Repos > Choose Checkra1n Virtual > Tap on it > Copy Repo link > Go back to Zeon Repo Extractor Home > Select the Extract Repo option > Then Paste Repo URL > Click “Ok” Button > click “Allow” > Download Checkra1n > Go to device settings > Profile Downloaded > Enter Device Passcode > Install > Done > Chechra1n Tool Show in your device home screen > Now open checkra1n tool > Install Cydia.

Let’s make a checkra1n virtual tool for your best iOS device enhancement Jailbreak option today!

Hexxa Plus

The Hexxa Plus is a next-generation repo extractor for all iOS 16 latest iPhone or iPad devices. This is another cydia install method and also Hexxa Plus is compatible with iOS 16.3 / 16.3.1 versions running iDevices and including iPhone 14 models.

Hexxa Plus Repo Extractor for iOS 16 versions

Hexxa Plus has the ability to install both no jailbreak and jailbreak iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices. Hexxa Plus offers hundreds of premium apps, repos, tweaks, themes, app stores, and useful jailbreak tools.

After installing Hexxa Plus repo extractor, it will automatically download three main Hexxa Plus apps such as app stores, repo extractor, and Hexxa tweaks. This is a risk-free, fast, and secure cydia install method and you can uninstall it at any time without having doubt.

Guide to Install cydia from Hexxa Plus App Store

Click above “Install Hexxa Plus App Store” button > Install it > Open Hexxa Plus Repo Extractor > Get Repos > App Managers > copy cydia link > Go to Extract Repo > Enter Repo URL > OK > wait until extract Cydia repo > Tap download Cydia button > Install > Check device home screen for Cydia.

zJailbreak App Store

zJailbreak is a trendy and multi-featured no jailbreak 3rd party app store for installing cydia. Every iOS 16.3 – iOS 16.3.1 iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch device can install zJailbreak without any doubt.

zJailbreak Third Party App Store

The zJailbreak consists of cool third-party free and paid packages such as apps, repos, themes, entertainment things, and popular jailbreak tools. Zeon, Sileem, Cydia, Hexxa Plus / Hexxa, Googios, Bregxi, iNifty, FND Store, YIV, Flemino, iFaceskin, and DreamStore are the top-rated and most iPhone users downloaded applications that install from zJailbreak App Store. These all of them are available for free use.

Guide to Install cydia from zJailbreak App Store

Click Above zJailbreak Install Button > Install it > Open zJailbreak App Store > Choose Cydia Lite > Tap on it > Then click Install Button on the top right corner > Allow > Got to Settings > Profile downloaded > Click Install

Zeon Repo Extractor

The Zeon Repo Extractor is another latest method for installing cydia. Zeon is a well-known package installer that perfectly works with iOS 16.3 / iOS 16.3.1.

zeon repo extractor for iOS 16

This is a widely used package installer among iPhone users. More than 1 million active users install this popular zeon jailbreak repo extractor to install Jailbreak apps, tweaks, repos, and themes for upgrading their device performances.

It does not ask Mac or windows PC support to complete the installation process. It is compatible with all iOS 14, iOS 15, and iOS 16 higher versions with iPhone 14, iPhone 13, and iPhone 12 devices models. The other amazing features are it has 3 in 1 Jailbreak solution.

After installing the zeon repo extractor it offers the zeon repo extractor app, zeon jailbreak apps, and zeon tweaks. This is a great innovation for enhancing your iOS device with unlimited features.

Guide to Install cydia from Zeon Repo Extractor

Tap the below “Install Zeon Repo Extractor” button > Install it > Open Zeon > Select Cydia Lite > Tap on it > Click Install Button on the “top right corner” > Tap > Allow > Download > Got to Settings > Profile downloaded > Click Install > Cydia installation process is successfully completed > Cydia app will show on your iOS 16 home screen.

Cydia Tweaks iOS 16.3 / iOS 16.3.1

This section covers some of the iOS 16.3 / iOS 16.3.1 based cydia tweaks and other sources to get cydia tweaks.

  • Atria

With using Astrea Tweak, you can apply your favorite widgets while customizing your iOS home screen.

  • iCleaner Pro

This is a top rated iOS system cleaner. It helps to upgrade your device’s performance perfectly. After using iCleaner Pro you can get the fastest and more user-friendly mobile experience.

  • Dodo

If you want a beautiful, customizable, and smart Lock screen Tweak? This is for you. Dodo cydia tweak Enhance your user experience by customizing your Lock Screen with your favorite applications for quick access.

  • Filza

The Filza file manager gives you a powerful & useful file-managing experience for your iPhone & iPad devices. it allows you to access and manage the device system files, apps, and resources efficiently.

  • EnableBatteryPercent

Let’s simply apply digital percentage in the StatusBar for all notched devices by using the EnableBatteryPercent Cydia tweak.

Cydia Repos & Sources iOS 16.3 / iOS 16.3.1

Upgrade your iOS 16.3 / iOS 16.3.1 iPhone and iPad device with our best collection of cydia repos.

BigBoss Repo

BigBoss Repo icon

BigBoss is an advantageous third-party repository that comes with so many jailbreak tweaks, themes, apps, and other customization things for your jailbroken iPhone device. This well-known repo comes pre-installed with cydia on Jailbroken iPhone devices which allows you to personalize the behavior of your existing iOS operating system. You can get some apps like IPACrazy, Appcake, PP25, Filza File manage, Activator, Springtomize, and Winterboard


Packix Repo

Packix Repo icon

Packix repo is the latest widely used repository for Jailbroken iOS devices. It offers various trendy apps, tweaks, themes, and some useful packages like cercube, springtomize, and snowboard, which allow you to change the appearance of the iPhone home screen and there are useful trendy apps like iCleaner and Filza which supports enhancing your device file management and system optimization process.


Chariz Repo

Chariz Repo icon

Chariz repo features cool apps, tweaks, themes, utilities, and useful products. If you want to use all the features of the Chariz repo you need to Jailbreak your iOS device and they are continuously updating the latest apps, repos, and new things related to jailbreaking devices for you to enjoy.


Dynastic Repo

Dynastic Repo icon

A popular modern repository among iPhone users, Dynastic Repository continuously offers new tweaks, themes, stickers, news, short-look notifications, and some useful utilities. This repo is available only for Jailbroken devices and you can try some new features with it.


Best Cydia Themes iOS 16.3 / 16.3.1

Discover a stunning collection of the top cydia jailbreak themes, designed for iOS 16.3.1 / iOS 16.3 and compatible with both iPhone and iPad devices.

  • BlackOrs3 Theme

BlackOrs3 is a stunning theme that brings a touch of luxury to your iOS device. It consists of 200+ Golden icons, Some UI, 3 Docks, 2 AE, 2 badges, and folder masks.

Repo: Packix

BlackOrs3 Cydia theme
  • eyeOS Theme

EysOS enhance unique techniques for icon designs, its name suggests eyeOS is inspired by Apple’s “Gradient Design”. Contains 50+ App icons, more than 35 alternative icons, settings icons, notification badges, and more new features.

Repo: Dynastic

eyeOS cydia theme
  • Beyaz Theme

Beyaz theme is designed with Black & White colors in different 3D styles. You can enjoy over 200+ app icons, 37 alternative icons, 6 wallpapers, and excellent social media icons for free.

Repo: Dynastic

Beyaz Cydia theme
  • NightLight Theme

If you are interested in Dark theme icons, the Nightlight theme will perfectly match with your home screen. It includes 100+ app icons with alternative icons.

Repo: Dynastic

NightLight cydia themes
  • Felicity Pro Theme

Felicity pro is a modern look theme consisting of vibrant color combinations. 500+ app icons, 20 alternative icons, settings icons, and nice color combinations included.

Repo: SparkDev

Felicity Pro Jailbreak Theme for iOS 14 & iOS 15

Best Cydia Alternatives for iOS 16.3 / 16.3.1

Here is the list of app stores as a Cydia alternative

1. Sileo

Sileo is the best alternative to Cydia. The Sileo is the default package manager for the Taurine Jailbreak tool/Cheyote Jailbreak tool and Odyssey Jailbreak tool.

2. TuTu Box

TuTuBox is another alternative for the Cydia app store. With TuTuBox, iOS users can install jailbreak Tweaks/apps & Games

3. Appcake

Appcake app store allows to installation of tweaked apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch device models. Also, Appcake is a great Cydia and Sileo alternative solution for the latest iOS 16.3.1 to 16.3 versions.

4. AppValley

AppValley is the best App Store to install Tweaked Apps / Games / ++ Apps & more for free and paid features.

It is a real alternative for installing Tweak applications for iOS / iPadOS 16.3 Jailbreak unsupported Devices.

5. Zebra

Zebra is a popular 3rd party application manager for every jailbroken iDevices. The Zebra is the default package manager for the Cheyote Jailbreak tool.

FAQ For Cydia iOS 16.3 / 16.3.1

1. Can I use cydia on Non-Jailbroken iPhone devices?

I believe that you already know cydia is required to install Jailbreak. But we have introduced a very successful and easiest cydia alternative solution for installing cydia on your Non-Jailbroken iPhone device. There you can install cydia 2 direct without Jailbreaking your iPhone, it comes with a lite version and it supports all the latest versions of iOS. You can get so many paid apps, Tweaks, Repos, and benefits for free.

2. Is cydia can get free or paid?

It is like an official App store. Cydia apps are available both free and for pay.

3. Is cydia safe?

Yes, cydia is safe for your iPhone and iPad devices.

4. What are some safe apps on cydia?

Winterboard – It is one of the best theming platforms, you can renew your iPhone home screen appearance with it.

iFile File Manager – Allows you to access the system files on your iPhone

Activator – You can create custom gestures and actions using the activator tweak.

Postman – It is a popular API development tool that allows building and using APIs.

Cream 2 – Like watchOS, using cream2 tweak you can customize the color of the toggles that appear on your control center screen

In addition, you can use Sars, 3D Touch notifications, Appendix, Harbor, springtomize, and zeppelin as safe apps available on cydia.

5. What are the latest alternatives for cydia?

Here, I want to mention some of the latest cydia alternatives for you. You can use Cydia2, AppCake, Tutu App, AppValley, Ignition, TweakBox, Sileo, TrollStore, Zebra, and Installer.