Best Cydia Alternatives ( iOS 15 to iOS 17.2 )

Discover the best Cydia alternatives 2023 for your iOS iPhone or iPadOS device with our comprehensive guide.

Once you get the following cydia alternative methods, you unlock awesome options to customize your iOS devices. Such as repos, tweaks, themes, and many more exciting things.

Cydia Alternatives – No Jailbreak

1 – TrollStore 2 ( Sideload Any IPA Permanently )

Trollstore, we can get Trollstore as the no jailbreak cydia alternative method and it is always best to download tweaks, themes, and other third-party apps.

You already know we can install Trollstore without jailbreaking your iOS device but there are some expert options to use it. Trollstore can work with iOS 15.4 and iOS 14.8 versions, you can get it through other jailbreak package managers such as cydia, zebra, and Sileo.

Recently, TrollStore 2 was released for the latest iOS devices for free. With this update, you can now permanently sideload any IPAs on iOS versions 14.0, 15.0-16.6.1, and 17.0-17.0.1

2 – Cydia 2 ( Continuous Version Of Cydia )

The Cydia2 (virtual) package manager is a notable modified version of Cydia. Currently, it stands out as the best cydia alternative 2023 solution. It offers a trendy collection of iOS modifications for enhancing your no jailbreak & iOS 17 jailbreak running iPhone/iPad devices.

Features & Benefits of Using Cydia 2

  • No ads in apps
  • User-friendly Interface
  • More stable apps, tweaks, and games
  • Easy Installation
  • Convenient Search
  • No cables, No PC, No Jailbreak


iOS 17 (beta 5), iOS 16.6, iOS 16.5, iOS 16.4.1, iOS 16.4, iOS 16.3.1, iOS 16.3, iOS 16.2, iOS 16

3 – Misaka Tweak Manager

Misaka Tweak Manager icon

Misaka Tweak Manager tool allows users to modify iOS without jailbreak, based on the MacDirtyCow and KFD exploits. Misaka includes top tweaks, repositories, themes, and modifications, offering an alternative to Cydia and Sileo.

Misaka Compatibility

iOS 17.2 beta, iOS 17.2, iOS 16.6 Beta 1, iOS 16.5, iOS 16.4.1, iOS 16.4, iOS 16.3.1, iOS 16.3, iOS 16.2, iOS 16.1.2, iOS 16.1.1, iOS 16.1, iOS 16.0.2, iOS 16.0.1, iOS 16, 15.7.1, iOS 15.7, iOS 15.6.1, iOS 15.6, 15.5, iOS 15.4.1, iOS 15.4, iOS 15.3, iOS 15.2.1, iOS iOS 15.2, iOS 15.1.1, iOS 15.1, iOS 15.0.2 iOS 15.0.1, iOS 15

4 – FtiOS

A keen developer team from Vietnam was introduced by the FTiOS unofficial app store for Apple iDevices. You can find a massive collection of the latest packages without a doubt from the FTiOS Store. This tool is an amazing tool that is specially designed for every Apple user.

Features of FtiOS

  • Support Multiple languages (Vietnam & English)
  • Offer 25+ Apps, Games & Tweaks
  • VIP and Free Mode
  • Easy to use & Jailbreak Free Setup
  • Split screen mode
  • Compatibility: iOS 16, iOS 15, iOS 14

5 – Xookz

The Xookz website offers all the latest jailbreak solutions, jailbreak alternative methods, and useful iOS customization options for every iPhone or iPad device. This app store supports the newest iOS versions including iOS 16.6 beta. You feel free to explore and download jailbreak solutions as a free version from Xookz.

Why do you need to visit the Xookz Website?

  • Available best iOS modifications
  • You can get Themes / Jailbreak Apps / Widgets / Tweaks / Wallpapers
  • Additionally, there are so many categories available for you.
    • Misaka Tweaks
    • Jailbreak Apps
    • Font Styles
    • Latest IPAs
    • iOS 16 Clock fonts

6 – MacDirtyCow

MacDirtyCow exploit is a brand new cydia alternative without jailbreak solution for you, it supports iOS iPhone versions 16.0 – 16.1.2 and iPad OS 15.0 – 15.7 for all devices. This new method allows for the installation of apps and downloading of MacDirtyCow system tweak IPA files. After installing MacDirtyCow System tweaks, it allows you to get some awesome features.

System tweaks of MacDirtyCow

  • Cowabunga – Hide dock, Hide Home bar, Hide folder background, disable folder blur, disable app switcher Blur, Disable shortcut banner
  • SFUISoft Clock – Style up the lock screen face
  • WDBFontOverwrite – Ability to change the system fonts
  • NoCameraSound – Disable the camera sound
  • Santander – The file manager which enables to manage files efficiently
  • NoHomeBar – Hide the Home Bar
  • DockTransparent – Adjust the Dock Transparency level

7 – Cydia Black

Now you can get the cydia black edition for browsing and installing the latest free and paid packages, repos, themes, and other iOS modification tools for all the latest iOS devices.

Cydia Black edition gives you a modern iPhone device customization experience and it supports all the latest iOS versions including iOS 16.4, 16.3.1, 16.3, 16.3, and other iOS versions up to iOS 16. Cydia Black edition can install directly using the below download button without needing PC support.

8 – Sileo Lite ( No PC )

Sileo is another cydia replacement app store for Non-Jailbroken iOS devices. Sileo enables a wide range of platforms for iOS users to explore and install 3rd party apps, tweaks, and themes that are not included in the official app store.

Activator, AppSync Unified, TetherMe, iCleaner Pro, Anemone, and Snowboard are some popular packages included in the Sileo Lite. It has a very cool user-friendly interface and it is optimized for iOS 16 and up versions.

9 – Cydia (Lite)

iOS 16 users can get the cydia lite version as the most popular App Manager. It is compatible with iPhone 14, iPhone 13, and iPhone 12 device models. It offers limited features but you can get useful apps, tweaks, and themes for your device enhancement. Cydia lite version can work with both Non-Jailbreak and Jailbroken iPhone or iPad devices without needing pc support. You can use the Uncover tool to get the Cydia Lite version for free.

10 – AltStore

AltStore, as suggested by its name, offers an alternative app store for Cydia specifically designed for iOS devices. You can install and use paid and free apps that are not available on the official App Store, without jailbreaking your iOS device. It was created by Riley Testut, and it provides an amazing library of hacked and modified apps, and games, including emulators and other third-party apps

11 – AppCake

Appcake app store enables you to install tweaked apps to iOS/iPadOS 17 to 13 iPhone, iPad/iPod Touch Devices. Appcake stands out as the best Cydia & Sileo alternative solution for you.

12 – Saily

Are you looking for a fast and cool package installer…? Saily is the best for you. Saily is compatible with iOS 13 and the latest iOS 16 versions without needing a jailbreak. This is one of the best cydia solutions which enables you to get free and paid cydia tweaks and applications. By using Saily you can easily import all sources from Cydia, Sileo, and Installer.

13 – IPackager

IPackager is a free app that allows users to install Cydia tweaks and apps like Flekstore / ShardsOS / Mojo on Non-Jailbroken devices. Although the app is currently in testing/development and not yet finished, it can still be used and updated from within the app.

14 – Zestia

Zestia is another third-party app store that is similar to Altstore. It is without jailbreak an alternative app store for cydia created by Leom M’laiel.

This is a unique app library, that allows Apple users to discover apps, popular games, jailbreak tools, utilities, and entertainment apps. Zestia is an old app store that works on iOS 10 – iOS 7 devices, it is no longer actively maintained & its official website is currently offline.

15 – Apple Store

Get ready to explore an extensive collection of applications for your iOS device on the Apple App Store. With a vast range of games, business, Music, entertainment, and more, the App Store offers thousands of apps that can be downloaded and enjoyed to enhance your iOS experience. The main features are it offers quality content for every iOS user ( Crowdsourced ), Dark mode, and adds free.

16 – Ataler

Ataler is more than just a jailbreak-free iOS customization app store, it also offers a variety of themes, wallpapers, and other features to help you personalize your device

Apps that Ataler Offering

  • Jian – iPhone keyboard customization app
  • Colorup – The collection of iOS themes & wallpapers
  • Launchify – The app that customizes your iPhone / iPad launch screen
  • Movian – Popular movie collection
  • Tweaqi – Amazing Tweaks collection

17 – TrollBoard

The developer of haxi0 designed by TrollBoard App which is a valuable alternative method for theming your existing app icons nicely. iOS 16.1.2 to iOS 14.0 non-jailbroken users can apply icon themes for MacDirtyCow devices. After getting this tool you don’t need to use Shortcuts or a special tool to change device app icons.

18 – iNuclearApp

iNuclearApp makes running tweaks and jailbreaks an effortless way for iOS users. This tool is completely free and also the only one of its kind that offers fast and easy access to the iOS operating system.

19 – Asterix installer

The Asterix installer provides an amazing boost for modifying your device performance and other options. Find your favorite tweaks, themes, games, apps & ++Tweaked apps from Asterix Installer for your iOS 15 to iOS 9 Apple device.

Call of Duty, Car Parking Multiplayer, Minecraft, and PUBG Mobile are some of the popular games available in Asterix Installer. This outstanding third-party app store works without requiring jailbreak and it is available as a free version!

20 – vShare

vShare app allows you to download apps, games, wallpapers, and ringtones for both latest iOS devices. The app recommends apps based on your habits, preferences, sorts & trends by popularity, making it easy to find the newest mobile games.

21 – Kuaiyong App

Kuaiyong is a cool app that lets you download both free and paid apps on your Apple devices without needing a jailbreak. Moreover, it offers file management features that allow you to easily manage various types of files such as audio, videos and PDF files. Additionally, the built-in downloader feature allows you to download and manage files with ease, including the ability to add files to the queue for downloading.

22 – Ela Themes

Are you excited about iOS home/lock screen theming? Then Ela Themes is the perfect theme store for you! Discover an exclusive collection of themes for both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices.

This is a cool cydia alternatives 2022 solution but you can still use it for theming your device in 2023 iPhone device models such as iPhone 14 to iPhone 15.

23 – iNoJB

iNoJB is a great alternative to Cydia, it can also define “iNoCydia”. Including useful tweaks and apps for free to use. iNoCydia can get from Emu4iOS Store without requiring Jailbreak or PC support to install.

Cydia Alternatives – Jailbreak

24 – Zebra ( Jailbreak Needed )

Zebra package manager offers an open-source iOS device modification experience for every iPhone/iPad user who has jailbroken their devices. With Zebra, it is easy to install your favorite jailbreak apps, packages, and tweaks. This app manager supports iOS 8 and later devices. However, it’s important to note that you can’t install Zebra directly; you need to install it through Sileo, Cydia Impactor, or Xcode, which are third-party app stores for jailbroken iOS devices.

25 – Sileo ( Full Jailbreak )

The excellent modern package manager, Sileo requires a jailbreak to be installed on your device. It serves as a powerful alternative solution to Cydia. Sileo features a next-level graphical user interface (GUI) that enables iOS users to browse and manage repos, tweaks, themes, and utilities, enhancing the device’s performance.

26 – AppAddict ( Jailbreak Needed )

AppAddict is the best 3rd-party App Store, offering an extensive selection of apps, macOS Apps cracked iOS and OSX apps, and games for you to download. Additionally, it provides access to a huge library of free books, including renowned titles like The Expositor’s Study Bible, Fairy Tale, It Ends with US, Harry Potter, Steve Jobs, and many more.

27 – TweakDoor

Tweakdoor is another excellent Cydia alternative method for iPhone and iPad devices. It supports iOS 16 – iOS 11 versions, allowing you to find the best tweaks, themes, and various packages. Moreover, you can install it without a PC and without the need for jailbreak

28 – Tongbu

With Tongbu, another famous jailbreak/no jailbreak app store for getting new customization options such as applications and games for iOS iPhone, or iPad.

29 – AppTrackr

You can Explore free cracked applications and games like Johnny Test, MetalGearSB, World Cup, Minebuilder, Strimko, and iGibbets with AppTrackr. This popular Cydia alternative offers a trendy app library collection for your iPhone or iPad, providing a platform for browsing a wide range of applications.

30 – RockApp

RockApp is an impressive third-party package installer that also functions as an app store, providing a range of useful themes and applications. This iOS installer is designed with an amazing UI, and in terms of functionality, it offers fast loading and installation times.

31 – Installer 5

Installer 5 is one of the best alternatives which contains thousands of useful features and this is an old package manager for jailbroken iOS devices. Installer does everything that Cydia does. This app manager is compatible with iOS 9 – iOS 14 versions.

This supports OLED mode, an option to backup sources and installed packages. The installer uses a modern database which is faster. Also, here you can add multiple repositories at once.

32 – ZodTTD/MacCiti

The ZodTTD/MacCiti repository, developed by ZodTTD, offered a vast collection of the coolest tweaks, themes, and modifications for jailbroken iOS operating systems. It became a favored destination for personalizing devices beyond the limitations set by Apple. This repository stood out as a modern iOS feature library with impeccable categorization, ensuring a seamless browsing experience.

33 – Hipstore

Hipstore offers users a jailbreak alternative to Cydia, providing excellent features and enhancing productivity with access to iOS free & paid apps. Enjoy tons of tweaks, themes, and games for free with Hipstore, an AppStore that simplifies installation without limitations or restrictions.

34 – Icy Installer

ArtikusHG, the renowned tweak developer, designed Icy, a discontinued package installer that offered users a seamless browsing and downloading experience for iOS applications from various sources. With a wide range of apps available, including both free downloads and premium purchases, Icy provides an extensive selection to meet your needs for your iOS 7 – 10 devices.

35 – Cyder

Cyder stands out as a Cydia app installer that works remotely. With Cyder, you can efficiently manage and install apps on your jailbroken device. This user-friendly Cydia alternative simplifies the process of downloading and installing iOS sources.

36 – Flekstore Pro

Flekstore 3rd party app store jailbreak-free method for upgrading your iOS device. Specifically designed with an outstanding user-friendly interface, it offers hundreds of impressive iOS modifications, such as app configurations, a Signature tool, User Interface customization options, an app library, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the free alternatives to Cydia

  • Sileo, AppCake, Tutubox, iNoJB, Emus4u, Installer, Zestia, AppEven, TweakBox, Asterix Installer, Icy, and Panda Helper can be installed without paying money.

2. Why do we need alternatives

  • In the matter of installing Cydia on your iOS device, there must be a requirement that is jailbreaking. But the thing is, official jailbreak tools are not yet available for the latest iOS devices with the latest iOS versions. So there are no methods to install Cydia on them. 
  • All cydia alternatives support the latest iOS devices which run the latest iOS versions.
  • Apart from that, iOS users are hesitant about jailbreaking their devices due to some reasons. Jailbreaking may seem annoying to them, or else because jailbreaking voids its warranty they tend not to jailbreak. So, this is another reason why iOS users are looking for alternatives. They want to install third-party apps, but they don’t want to jailbreak.
  • The Cydia package installer is the most widely used third-party application manager since 2008, iOS users are looking for something modern and stable. So iOS users tend to look for alternatives for jailbroken devices as well.   

3. What are the common features of Cydia alternatives

Third-party app managers may differ from one to another and they may have different benefits. Let us see some of them. 

  • It is possible to find cydia alternatives for both Non-Jailbroken & Jailbroken devices  
  • Works on all the latest iOS versions
  • Easy to install and delete
  • Developers update apps regularly and give full support
  • Protected & encrypted
  • User-friendly and very easy to use

4. What are the Cydia alternative for android

Appsftw / Happymod / Xposed / Superuser / Chainfire

5. What are the upcoming Cydia alternative solutions

The Cydia 2 Android version will be released soon – Get more information from the Cydia 2 home page