Cydia For iOS 17.3 – iOS 17.3.1

If you’re using iOS 17.3 to iOS 17.3.1 iPhone, then Cydia 2 is the premier third-party package manager for enhancing your device with trendy apps, tweaks, and themes.

We’ve enhanced the features of Cydia 2, allowing you to effortlessly add repos and sources just like the full Cydia repo adding method.

Install Cydia 2 Now – Added More New Things!

Download & Install Cydia for iOS 17.3 ( No-Jailbreak )

Trending Cydia 2 Repos

Introducing Cydia 2 repo collection for iOS 17.3.1 users. After purchasing these third-party repos, it is easy to make your iPhone look cool and unique. More exciting things are included.

The repo-adding process is simple, you only need to do is follow our repo installation guide. No need iOS 17.3 jailbreak or expert knowledge.

Apple Hub Repository

The Apple Hub Repository is an amazing repository. It includes packages that can turn any of your favorite images into an iOS app icon. This repository has become very popular among iPhone users. Try it out today!

Sparkle Repository

Discover aesthetic themes to personalize your existing app icons from the Sparkle Repository. This is the best Cydia repo for accessing the most popular themes all in one place.

Confirmed – iOS 17.3 & Higher Cydia Install Methods

Checkrain Mirror Jailbreak

Checkra1n Mirror is the just released iOS 17.3 Jailbreak tool that supports iOS 17.3 to iOS 17.3.1. With its semi-jailbreak process, easily install Cydia as your default package manager.

After getting the Cydia package manager, you can unlock a collection of popular tweaks, themes, and both free and paid apps to personalize your device.

Checkrain Mirror for iOS 17.3 - 17.3.1

Sileem Repo Extractor

Sileem can be defined as one of the top Cydia and Sileo installation methods for the newest iPhone and iPad users, offering a standout iOS 17.3 jailbreak without computer solution.

Third-party sileem repo extractor is popular as the premier source for purchasing jailbreak IPAs and various iOS enhancements. Seamlessly supporting iPhone 12 through iPhone 15 device models.

Sileem Repo Extractor for iOS 17.3 - 17.3.1

Unc0ver Jailbreak

The Unc0ver jailbreak online tool has been released. The full Unc0ver tool only supports iOS 11 to iOS 14.8 versions. However, as an alternative solution, this web-based Unc0ver virtual tool provides a jailbreak option for iOS 17.3 to iOS 17.3.1 and iPadOS 17.3.1 devices.

The default package manager of the Unc0ver virtual jailbreak is Cydia. No expert jailbreak knowledge is required to install it.

Uncover Jailbreak for iOS 17.3 - 17.3.1

Palera1n Jailbreak

The Palera1n Virtual Terminal Jailbreak tool has now been extended to support (A12-A16) devices running iOS 17 and higher versions. After completing the Palera1n jailbreak process, you can directly download the Cydia Lite package manager and also find Zebra and Sileo Install methods page below.

We tested Palera1n on randomly chosen iPhone models, including iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 12 Mini, and iPhone 14. There were no issues or errors, and we assure you that there are no viruses (malware) affecting your iDevice.

Palera1n Jailbreak for iOS 17.3 - 17.3.1

Cydia 2 Tweaks – No PC / No Jailbreak

Full Cydia offers tweaks exclusively for jailbroken devices. However, with the recent release of Cydia 2 brand new package manager, you can now effortlessly access non-jailbreak tweaks as well.

The following tweaks can help enhance the appearance and functionality of your latest iDevice with ease.

  • YoorWeather
  • Mochi15
  • Set as Wallpaper
  • Showcase
  • Vertiblur
  • Photo Location
  • Separate Audio
  • Random Wallpaper
  • Quick Weather

Popular Cydia 2 Themes

The following Cydia 2 themes support iOS 17.3 to iOS 17.4 iPhone and iPad.

After using the traditional jailbreak method, you become tired of the advanced jailbreak processes and warranty issues for iPhone theming. Now it’s time to switch to rootless theming methods, such as Cydia 2.

1. Pollux Theme

Pollux is the best theme design featuring gradient-colored app icons. After applying this theme to your home screen, it gives a premium look. You can install this theme through the Cydia 2.

2. Fine Theme

Simple and modern look theme that is similar to Apple’s default icons. Include significant colors and design enhancements.

3. Thine Theme

Neat and colorful linear Icon theme that’s carefully made with lots of attention to detail. Icons getting a magical gradient look. It is the most catchy theme for your eyes.

4. Swika Theme

Swika is one of the most popular gradient-look icon theme, with every icon having an incredibly unique appearance.

5. Raspberry Theme

Raspberry is a beautiful upcoming Cydia 2 theme. It is crafted with Apple’s standards, featuring vibrant gradients to enhance the coolness of your device.

Top Cydia 2 Games

Let’s play exciting online Cydia 2 games on your iPhone. Truck Trials, Moto Fury, Boat Battles, Jungle Roller, Fortnite, Minecraft, Ultra Blade, and more free games are available.

Tweaks for iOS 17.3 – iOS 17.3.1

A top collection of rootless tweaks for your newest iDevices.

All the tweaks provide the awesome home screen, lock screen, control center, and settings app customization features.

FloatingDockXVI Tweak

FloatingDockXVI Tweak is a cool dock customization tweak that allows you to hiding the dock background, selecting the separator, and setting the maximum number of recent apps and dock apps.

CopyLog Tweak

Copylog tweak now supports Bootstrap and Serotonin Jailbreaks. It enables the floating dock option to hide the dock background, and hide the separator and alos includes a selector for maximum recent apps and dock apps.

UnderDock Tweak

UnderDock Tweak enhances your iOS 17.3.1 device keyboard with some useful shortcuts, including Select, Copy, Paste, Start of Line, End of Line, Undo, Redo, Insert Text and Dismiss.

MusicAlert Tweak

MusicAlert is one of the best tweaks for modifying your Apple Music player. It adds options such as Playing Next, Playing Later, Loved, Unloved, Add to Playlist and Add to Library.

Finger Tweak

Unlock your device by enabling a fingerprint lock on your screen, which includes additional options to enhance your device’s security.

Are Sileo and Zebra Outdated?

No, the Sileo and Zebra package manager developers are continuously updating new methods to make changes to your device. They provide amazing tweaks and apps to beautify your lock screen, home screen, and icons.

These are all top 5 methods for installing Zebra and Sileo on iOS 17.3.1 to iOS 17.3.

01. Cheyote Jailbreak Tool

Cheyote is a rootless jailbreak tool that allows you to install Cydia, Sileo, and Zebra as default package managers.

02. Dopamine Online Tool

The Dopamine Online/Dopamine17 tool features Zebra and Sileo packages for accessing both free and paid packages for free.

03. Hacksnow Virtual Tool

Hacksnow is a semi-jailbreak tool. It offers four main package managers. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer Zebra, but you can get Sileo, Cydia 2, Cydia Dark, and Cydia Lite.

04. Zeon Repo Extractor

Zeon is a third-party repo extractor. It allows you to get Cydia and Sileo with some third-party enhancements for any iPhone device.

05. Bregxi Repo Extractor

Bregxi is not a jailbreak tool, it is a trusted jailbreak repo extracting method. Sileo and Cydia can be downloaded directly from it.

Alternatives To Cydia 2

Listed most trusted Cydia alternatives with iOS 17.3 support, offering solutions for downloading both free and paid apps, online theming tools, games, and IPAs to enhance your device.

Sileem Repo Extractor

Fugu 17 Jailbreak

Misaka – Tweak Manager

TyMax Jailbreak

TrollStore 2

Tweaked Apps From Cydia 2

Find the best collection of iOS 17, iOS 17.3 to iOS 17.4 support best tweaked apps from Cydia 2 – Appbox, Troll Hub, No Code Hub, Top IPAs, Bunny Inject, CokernutX, EconHub App, Tweakhome, Cyrushub, ZEUS, Appvalley, FtOS, Flekstore, TopStore, TweakDoor and more apps are available.

How to Install iOS 17.3.1 Update on iPhone?

This is an easy step guide to install the latest apple iOS 17.3 update on your iDevice.

First check your iOS versions
Ensure your device is running iOS 16.4 or later, as the update will not be available for older versions.

Access Software Update
Open your settings app and navigate to “General” > “Software Update.

Finish the Update and discover its features.
Look for the “Install Now” option and tap on it and follow the on-screen prompts to download and install the update.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Cydia 2

Cydia 2 is a third-party package manager, it stands out as a continuous version of Sauriks Cydia.

Q2: Is Cydia compatible with latest versions?

No, but you can experience Cydia on the latest versions through Cydia 2. It supports iOS 17.3 and higher versions with web-based online installation methods.

Q3: Is Cydia 2 safe for your iPhone?

Yes, it is completely safe.

Q4: Is Cydia 2 is a iOS 17.3 jailbreak tool?

No. Cydia 2 is a jailbreak alternative method only.

Q5: How can I easily jailbreak an iOS 17.3 device?

There are still no full jailbreak methods available for iOS 17.3 devices. However, you can use rootless jailbreak methods for it.