Cydia for iOS 17 to iOS 17.2 iPhone/iPad

Cydia 2 is the only way to experience Cydia on iOS 17 – iOS 17.2 RC versions of iPhone or iPad.

Saurik has stopped receiving updates for Cydia, so it appears to be disconnected. Cjay Devz has developed Cydia 2 as a continuous version of Cydia, which offers a next-level jailbreaking experience for you.

This page provides the latest version of Cydia for your iPhone device and jailbreak it without requiring a cables and PC.

Cydia 2 for iOS 17

How Cydia 2 is works

Our Cydia 2 is the best jailbreaking tool at this moment. You can get packages, Cydia tweaks, themes, interfaces, and many more things as untethered jailbreak Cydia 2.

This is compatible with almost all the newest iOS versions including iOS 17, iOS 17.0.1, iOS 17.0.2, iOS 17.0.3, iOS 17.1, iOS 17.1.1, iOS 17.1.2, iOS 17.2, iOS 17.2 beta and iOS 17.2 RC. You can get Cydia 2 as the best iOS 17.2 jailbreak alternative method. The installation process is easy, if you are a beginner at jailbreaking you can install Cydia 2 via a web-based (Online) method.

The special features of the Cydia 2 package manager

  • Simple installation– No cables, no computer, no jailbreak. You only need your device.
  • Updated packages – Latest tweaks, themes, games & utilities
  • User friendly interface – Easy-to-access packages
  • Risk free – No risky jailbreak or warranty void
  • Device compatibility – Support All Versions

iPhone models compatible with Cydia 2

iPhone 15 Pro Max / iPhone 15 Pro / iPhone 15 Plus / iPhone 15 / iPhone 14 Pro Max / iPhone 14 Pro / iPhone 14 Plus / iPhone 14 / iPhone 13 Pro Max / iPhone 13 Pro / iPhone 13 / iPhone 13 mini / iPhone SE (3rd generation) / iPhone SE (2nd generation)

Install Cydia 2 Now!

Enjoy the smart jailbreaking experience for all iOS versions.

Cydia 2 icon

Install Awesome Tweaks to iOS 17

Now you can access cool iOS 17-supported tweaks from Cydia 2. We have listed a few popular Cydia 2 tweaks for you to get a better idea of how to enhance your device’s functionality.

Most of the tweaks can be purchased for free. Try Cydia 2, which is the updated version of Saurik’s Cydia.

Wetr – The Wetr tweak enables you to quickly add an overlay on the lock screen, displaying the current weather conditions perfectly.

Wetr shortcut

ClassicaLS 15 – It’s a nice classic look for your iOS. The ClassicaLS 15 tweak enhances your device with a classical iOS lock screen style.

ClassicaLS 15

Vertiblur – Adds a blurred effect to the background of the app switcher, making it more visually appealing with the Vertiblur tweak.


ShowDock – Allows users to personalize the appearance and functionality of the dock, and provides various options such as adjusting the number of icons displayed in the dock, changing the dock’s background, and transparency adjustments.


Showcase – This is another tweak for customizing your keyboard. Possible to change the appearance device’s keyboard by changing the color of the keys using Showcase tweak. Find more iOS 17 tweaks from the Cydia 2 tweak section freely!


Best Cydia 2 Themes iOS 17

The original Cydia was introduced in 2008 by Jay Freeman (Saurik). After its release, many cool themes were listed in it. Themes like Indigo, Osiris, Aura, Irys, Sugar, Veexilum, and Wround were popular themes during that time period.

These themes are old and do not support the latest versions. Our Cydia 2 team developed smart and efficient solutions for getting awesome iOS 17 themes for your latest devices.

Best Cydia 2 Themes

This section covers the cool Cydia 2 themes for your iOS 17 home screen customization. No need for iOS 17.2 Jailbreak Methods Needed / Support all iOS and iPadOS.

1. BigSur Theme – A beautiful, bright-looking theme for iOS, the Big Sur theme renews your existing app icons, giving them an outstanding appearance. The Big Sur theme is now available in Cydia 2.

BigSur Theme for iOS 17

2. Black Ors3 Theme – An amazing Gold icon theme, Black Ors3, perfectly matches the Shiro Gold Edition theme, which is available in Saurki’s old Cydia.

You can get the Black Ors3 Gold icon edition theme from Cydia 2 as an alternative solution to the Shiro Gold Edition. It gives your home screen icons a luxurious look!

Black Ors3 Theme for iOS 17

3. Felicity Pro Theme – Remember “Ace” which is an old popular Cydia theme. It looks nice after applying the existing app icons. Felicity Pro is the best alternative solution for the Ace theme. Felicity Pro design with sharper glyphs, deeper shadows, and brighter & more vibrant gradients.

Felicity is now available in Cydia 2, get a more colorful & detailed look for iOS!

Felicity Pro Theme for iOS 17

4. JustAdaRkTh3me – A beautiful OLED theme. Retrorika, which is an old Cydia theme, shows the same appearance as the JustAdaRkTh3me theme. However, the JustAdaRkTh3me theme features amazing enhancements, as it has been modified and mixed with bright colors for a unique look.

Added JustAdaRkTh3me into Cydia 2 – Just Enjoy!

JustAdaRkTh3me Theme for iOS 17

5. Lumi Theme – This is another simple and unique theme available in Cydia 2. The Lumi theme brings a more colorful touch to your existing app icons.

Lumi Theme for iOS 17

Brand New Cydia 2 repos for iOS 17

In the past, Cydia was the premier package installer for jailbroken iOS devices, offering repositories like BIGBOSS, COOLSTAR’S, Poomsmart, ModMyi, ZodTTD & MacCiti, iHacksRepo, Insanelyi, xSellize, and iPhoneCake. However, these repositories have become outdated, and no updates are currently available in Cydia.

As a continuous version of Cydia, now you have the chance to access the latest Cydia updates and brand-new repositories through Cydia 2.

Hurry up, as the free version of Cydia 2 is now available for install!

Best Cydia 2 Repo List

  • Bigboss repository
  • Chariz repository
  • Packix repository
  • Havoc repository
  • Dynastic repository
  • Sileo repository
  • Twicked repository
  • SparkDev repository
  • Bringner repository
  • ModMyi repository

Amazing Cydia Games for iOS 17

Do you know Cydia 2 is the best source for gaming ??

Now you have a chance to find the best iOS 17 support Cydia updated games from Cydia 2 brand new tool. The amazing Games included in Cydia 2 are Angry Birds / Bomberman / Super Mario Land / Golden Coins / Alone in the Dark / Nightmare / Gameboy Gallery 3 / Legend of Zelda / Pokemon / Ammo Hack, Jungle Roller, etc.

No PC / NO Jailbreak Tweaks

Tweaks are not only for the Jailbroken devices. You can easily find tweaks for the no-jailbreak devices.

Try out these awesome tweaks (rootless) on your iOS 17 no jailbreak devices.

  • Mochi15 –  A stunning music player with next-level functionalities.
  • Macaron – Picture perfect dock for iOS 17 device.
  • YTKillerPlus – Enable YouTube premier features without pay!
  • AlbumManager – Smart album managing option with high security ( Face ID / Touch ID or Passcode )
  • Sleepizy 2 – Set a timer to stop your music, and include automatic reminder options.
  • SwitchShades – Modify your app-switching experience

iOS 17 – iOS 17.2 Jailbreak Tools for Install Cydia / Cydia 2 / Sileo

Here is the list of best iOS 17 – iOS 17.2 jailbreak tools with easy installation guides. Use the tool you think is the best to try on its features and user interface.

1. Hacksnow – Feature-rich iOS 17.2 Jailbreak Solution

Hacknsow is a feature-rich online semi-jailbreak tool. You have the option to get four package managers after completing the hacksnow jailbreak process. Hacksnow is the best solution for iOS 17.2 beta jailbreak.

Offer – Cydia / Cydia 2 / Cydia Lite & Sileo

Hacksnow Jailbreak iOS 17 - For install Cydia Lite / Cydia 2 / Cydia Dark / Sileo

▪️ Visit Hacknsow main page and install by using the button above.

2. Checkra1n – Verified iOS 17.2 Jailbreak Tool

This is another iOS 17 jailbreak solution known as Checkra1n (virtual). It stands out as an alternative to Checkra1n full Jailbreak.

The checkra1n developers have tested iPhone 15 – iPhone SE 2022 models. The report is ok. There are no issues and it conformed as a risky free jailbreak tool. After the Checkra1n jailbreak process, it offers Cydia as the default package manager.

Checkra1n Jailbreak  iOS 17 - For install Cydia

Requirements of Checkra1n Jailbreak Tool

– No jailbreak needed
– 100% safe and free jailbreak method.
– Verified tool by Apple
– One-click installation Process
– No Mac / Windows PC needed to jailbreaking
– Offer Cydia

3. Unc0ver – Conformed as iOS 17.2 Jailbreak Tool

The uncover full jailbreak method supports limited iOS versions. But this Uncover jailbreak tool supports all iOS versions. This is a virtual jailbreak tool for iOS 17 versions. You can get lots of advantages from the Uncover iOS 17 jailbreak tool.

Advantages of installing Uncover

Rootless Support / Offer Cydia / Start Quick Jailbreak Process / No need Expert Knowledge to Install / One click installation process / No battery issues / No adds in app / Updates are available.

Uncover Jailbreak  iOS 17 - For install Cydia

▪️ Step 1 – Install Unc0ver using the above button

▪️ Step 2 – Device settings > Tap Install > Enter device passcode

▪️ Step 2 – Open Unc0ver App > Tap Cydia icon > Install Cydia

4. Unc0ver Black – Dark Version of Uncover iOS 17.2 Jailbreak

The Unc0ver Black Edition has presented a smooth jailbreak experience for the latest iOS devices.

The original Unc0ver Jailbreak tool does not support versions beyond iOS 14.8. So iOS users are trying to explore alternative solutions.

Uncover Black is the best solution for it. After jailbreaking your device with Uncover Black it defaultly offers Cydia Dark package manager for you. Cydia dark serves as a better alternative method to Cydia.

Uncover Black Edition iOS 17 - For install Cydia

▪️ Step 1 – Install Unc0ver Black from the above button > Device Settings > Tap Install

▪️ Step 2 – Enter the device passcode > Open uncover > Tap the Cydia icon

▪️ Step 3 – Cydia installation process is completed.

5. Checkrain mirror – Brand New iOS 17.2 Jailbreak Solution

Checkra1n Mirror is a brand-new online jailbreak tool.

This iOS 17 jailbreak tool is compatible with iPhone 15, iPhone 14 to iPhone 12 device models.

Without connecting the PC through the cables you can jailbreak your device in a few seconds by using Checkra1n mirror jailbreak solution. After finishing the jailbreak process it allows you to install Cydia.

Checkra1n Mirror iOS 17 - For install Cydia

▪️ Step 1 – Install zJailbreak app store using the above button > Open zJailbreak

▪️ Step 2 – Find Checkrain Mirror > Install It > Device settings > Tap Install > Enter device passcode

▪️ Step 3 – Open checkrain Mirror > Start Jailbreak Process > Tap Cydia Icon > Install It

6. Fugu 17 – Alternative Solution for Fugu15 Jailbreak

Fugu 17 is a newly launched iOS 17 to iOS 17.2 jailbreak solution for installing Sileo

The Fugu15 full jailbreak tool only supports iOS 15 to iOS 15.4.1. Now, you can enjoy an alternative jailbreaking solution for the latest iOS 17 and above versions through the Fugu 17 virtual jailbreak tool.

Fugu17 Jailbreak for iOS 17 to iOS 17.2 - Install Sileo (Default)

▪️ Step 1 – Click ‘Install Fugu17 from Sileem’ above.
▪️ Step 2 – It downloads to Sileem Repo Extractor in your device settings.
▪️ Step 3 – Go to Settings > Profile Download > Enter device passcode.
▪️ Step 4 – Installation completes in seconds.
▪️ Step 5 – Check Home screen for Sileem.
▪️ Step 6 – Open Sileem > Jailbreak Section > tap Fugu17 > Allow > Ok.
▪️ Step 7 – Tap install, Allow download of Fugu17 app profile.
▪️ Step 8 – Go to Settings, tap profile > Install > Enter passcode > Install > Done.
▪️ Step 9 – Open downloaded Fugu17 app.
▪️ Step 10 – Click ‘Jailbreak,’ wait for completion, then click OK.
▪️ Step 11 – Install Sileo > Allow > Close profile window > Go to Settings > Install > Enter passcode > Install > Done.
▪️ Step 12 – The Sileo app appears on your iDevice.

7. Palera1n Virtual (New Version) – Now Support iOS 17.2 RC

This is another best jailbreak solution for installing Cydia / Sileo

Palera1n Virtual jailbreak tool stands out as an alternative solution for Palera1n full jailbreak tool. Jailbreak your iOS 17 – iOS 17.2 RC iPhone device through the Palera1n virtual tool now.

Palera1n Jailbreak for iOS 17 to iOS 17.2 - Install Cydia / Sileo (Default)

Why do you need to use Palera1n virtual tool?

  • Offer Cydia or Sileo Packages
  • No, warranty issues occur
  • Rootless jailbreaking process
  • Palera1n Jailbreak only supports iOS 15 to iOS 16 (checkm8) devices, but Palera1n virtual now works with the latest iOS versions.
  • No Battery issues / Verified as an iOS 17.2 RC Jailbreak tool
  • Tested with iPhone 15 and iPhone 14 device models
  • Possible to purchase it for free

8. Xina Virtual – Offers Sileo Lite

Install Sileo is possible with the Xina Virtual Tool

Best alternative solution for XinaA15 jailbreak and compatible with the iOS 15.2 – iOS 17.2 RC ( A12-A15 )

  • iOS 17 jailbreak and iOS 17.2 jailbreak solution
  • Languages Support – English & Chinese

iOS 15 – iOS 16, iOS 16.0.1, iOS 16.0.2, iOS 16.0.3, iOS 16.1, iOS 16.1.1, iOS 16.1.2, iOS 16.2, iOS 16.3, iOS 16.3.1, iOS 16.4, iOS 16.4.1, iOS 16.5, iOS 16.5.1, iOS 16.6, iOS 16.6.1, iOS 16.7, iOS 16.7.1, iOS 16.7.2, iOS 17, iOS 17.0.1, iOS 17.0.2, iOS 17.0.3, iOS 17.1, iOS 17.1.1, iOS 17.2 beta, iOS 17.2 RC versions of iPhone/iPad can install Xina Jailbreak (virtual)

Xina Virtual Jailbreak for iOS 17 to iOS 17.2 - Install Sileo (Default)

Xina Installation Guide – Tap the above button and install the Xina virtual tool through the Cydia 2 package Manager.

Tweaked Stores for iOS 17

This section covers the best list of tweaked app stores for you to personalize your device perfectly. Get all of these from the Cydia 2 package manager.

FlekSt0re Pro

FlekSt0re Pro is a continuously updating store for installing tweaks and jailbreak iOS 17.2 RC versions support apps. After the new update of FlekSt0re Pro, you can access the below tweaks.

( DBRemove3AppLimit, VanishBar, ResSet16, Filza (cowabunga), WDBFontOverwrite, StatusMagic, Santander File Manager, RespringCC, KillMyOTA, NoCameraSound, Lock change )


Misaka is the most popular tweak manager for iOS 17 / iOS 17.1.1 / iOS 17.1.2 / iOS 17.2 RC enables iOS users to apply different modifications without jailbreaking, based on MacDirtyCow vulnerability and has two versions such as Misaka KFD and Misaka MacDirtyCow.

Misaka offers a few default sources and each source has tweaks / apps / themes. You can easily find those modifications from the Misaka app.

Troll Hub

A free IPA hub for iOS. You can experience the best TrollStore apps without ads. Some of the best TrollStore apps include TrollTools, TrollApps, AirTroller, Mugunghawa, Antoine, and u0Launcher. Additionally, you can enjoy jailbreaks, utilities, customizations, and CarPlay.


An unofficial app store that provides the best Cydia sources to apply tweaks, games, and 3rd-party apps. Features are you don’t need jailbreak / It is completely free / User-friendly UI / Support all kind of iOS versions / Very safe and secure platform to download and install the best iOS enhancements.


CokerNutX is a third-party app store for iOS and Android devices that offers a variety of tweaked apps and games that are not available in the official app store. Stand out as a good alternative to Cydia. You can get it from Cydia 2.

Panda Helper Lite

Panda Helper is a 3rd-party app store for iOS devices that provides a platform to download and install tweaked, modified, hacked games, mods, games tools, and unofficial apps on iPhones and iPads. Through the Cydia 2 package manager, you can install Panda Helper Lite without needing a jailbreak.

Other Jailbreak Methods for iOS 17.2

This is another supportive jailbreak method found on the internet. However, we haven’t tested the listed methods. So you have to take risks, and Reddit users also do not recommend these below-listed jailbreak solutions.

Tig Xingo Jailbreak – Not recommended Reddit users

When using a jailbreak tool on our iPhone, we should pay attention to our device’s health. Therefore, avoid using jailbreak tools like Tig Xingo. Reddit users have reported battery issues that occur after installing Tig Xingo.

Reposi Repo Extractor – Useless

If you have already installed and used tools like Zeon or Dopeem repo extractor, then the reposi repo extracting method is outdated. You can easily access the latest customizations, tweaks, and apps from Zeon and Dopeem repo extractors.

Saynmo – Privacy issues reported

Saynmo is risky for your iPhone device, don’t install it. Apple users have highly complained on Reddit about unnecessary bug issues after installing cracked apps.

Cydia for iOS 17.2 Jailbreak FAQs

Q – Is Cydia 2 compatible with iOS 17.2 RC

A – Yes Cydia 2 is compatible with iOS 17.2 RC

Q – Is TrollStore 2 alternative for cydia 2

A – No TrollStore 2 is an IPA signing service and not an alternative to cydia 2

Q – Can install Cydia 2 from Misaka

A – No You cannot install Cydia 2 from Misaka

Q – Is Esign an alternative for cydia 2

A – No Esign is an IPA signing service

Q – Can I uninstall Cydia 2

A – Yes, you can uninstall Cydia 2 anytime

Q – Can I add pirate repos to cydia 2

A – No you cannot add pirate repos

Q – Can I download Cydia without jailbreaking iOS 17.2

A – Yes, you can get iOS 17.2 Cydia experience through the Cydia 2 third-party package installer

Q – Is Cydia 2 free

A – Yes Cydia 2 is completely free, you can enjoy the Cydia 2 premium version with more exciting things soon.

Q – Can I get Cydia 2 for my Apple watch

A – No, Cydia 2 is only for iPhones and iPads only

Q – Is Cydia 2 compatible with the upcoming iOS and iPadOS versions

A – Yes, it is possible to install iOS 17.2 beta and newer versions