Best Tweaked App Stores for iOS

The awesome collection of tweak app stores in 2023. Find the best iOS 17 – 15 support tweaked app stores for your iPhone/iPad.

Transform your iOS device with a world of possibilities! These third-party tweaked stores offer the most popular iOS customization options for you.



Experience the power of customization and control with just released TweakRa1n, the best customization solution for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

With its animated user-friendly interface and a dedicated community of satisfied users, TweakRa1n makes transforming your device a seamless and exhilarating journey. Explore cool apps and tweaks, each offering unique functionalities and enhancements to elevate your device’s performance to new heights for free.


Misaka Logo

Misaka, the newly launched tweak manager app, perfectly works on iOS 15.0 through iOS 16.1.2 devices, providing a next-level platform for jailbreak users to personalize their iOS experience. It is an alternative solution to Cydia and Sileo package managers, Misaka IPA remains fully compatible with MacDirtyCow.

Features of Misaka

  • It has a nice collection of Themes, Repos, packages, & many iOS modifications for your device.
  • Easy activation process with root applications
  • TinyBoss, Noxy, YangJiii Repo’s, ichitaso, Sugiuta, Kumiki, Huy Nguyen, Lemin, and Coolwcat are the default sources of the Misaka Tweak manager app.

Cydia 2

Cydia 2 is a newly released application manager for iOS 16 & higher devices. It is a great source for browsing and installing Cydia repos/sources, modern tweaks, wallpapers, games, and many more iOS modifications. The special feature of Cydia 2 is that you can install this app store without root access to your device. It is very easy to install this store and supports rootless features for your iPhone/iPad.


As one of the finest third-party alternative stores, TweakDoor App offers the convenience of directly downloading unofficial or cracked games to your Apple iPhone and also features a user-friendly interface, free packages, tweaks, apps, and the ability to get daily updates.


The tweak home app store has recently been released for installing hacked games, modified games, IPA Library, Hack IPA’s, and tweak applications. Additionally, the Tweak Home App supports the latest iPhone and iPad models running iOS 15.1 to iOS 15.


GBox is an innovative tool for iOS that allows users to re-sign apps without the need for jailbreaking. Not only that, but it also doubles up as a dynamic third-party app store, offering a broad collection of apps and tweaks.


AppNana, a widely popular rewards app available across all platforms, enables users to earn points and browse paid apps as well as gift cards for free.


As the most secure and newest app signing and installation service, Signulous offers two convenient options for iOS users. You can either upload and sign your own IPA files or explore our extensive library of popular apps.

Panda Helper

Panda Helper Logo

Panda Helper is the latest 3rd-Party App Store on iOS 16 / iOS 15 iPhone & iPad OS devices. This is a no-jailbreak app store that helps you to upgrade your device features by using hacked and modified apps, games, and other utilities. Uncover Jailbreak, Mystery Box, Pokemon Go Hacks by iPogo, Last Day on Earth Hack, Minecraft, and Coin Master Hack are some of the games included in Panda Helper.

This alternative app store is packed with amazing tools like iSigner, Auto Clicker, Speeder, Cheat Engine, Auto Touch, and Save & Load which are great gaming speed-optimizing options you can enjoy.


Introducing the just-released Kurdstore for installing a wide range of applications and IPAs for you. It is possible to install both free and paid apps, Beta files, Jailbreak tools, hacked versions of popular games like Clash Of Clans, Bike Race Hack, Subway Surfers Hack, Space Frontier 2 Hack, and various tweaks. The best part is that Kurdstore is both free and safe to use, ensuring a seamless and secure experience for all users.


For those looking to enhance your iOS experience with themes, widgets, wallpapers, games, and customization options, Xookz is an excellent resource. Also available are Jailbreak apps, Misaka tweaks, stylish system fonts, iOS 16 clock fonts, the latest IPAs, and other exciting features for iOS 16 and higher devices.


Zeus is an immensely popular store for installing online tweaked apps and jailbreak tools. With Zeus, you can install brand-new jailbreak tools like EtasonJB & h3lix, and access a cool collection of iOS-tweaked apps, utilities, emulators, and many more amazing features.

Furthermore, it provides access to the largest collection of IPA files, which includes popular apps such as AirShou, BarMagnet, BatteryLife, EveryCord, and numerous others.


iPABox serves as an iOS app installer that provides access to a wide collection of ++tweaks, hacks, and emulators enabling you to unlock numerous features.



The Buildstore app store offers iOS users access to over 200 trusted and secure apps, tweaks, games, jailbreak tools, and emulators.


IPAAPS is a 3rd-party app store that empowers you to install excellent games, tweaked stores, IPA files, jailbreak apps such as Uncover, iOS personalization tools, hacked apps, and emulators, all for free. This app store can be accessed via the web and is compatible with every iPhone, iPad, and iPod without requiring jailbreaking.

FlekStore Pro

FlekStore is a third-party app installer that requires no jailbreak, making it effortless for you to download unofficial iOS apps, a selection of Cydia tweaks, emulators, and an app library. It offers a useful code-signing method. Additionally, it stands out as a user-friendly interface with thousands of awesome iOS features.


CokernutX Logo

Famous for its extensive collection of tweaked apps, The Cokernutx app installer has emerged as a go-to destination for non-jailbroken iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. This brand-new app store grants users the ability to explore and easily install the latest emulators, repos, hacks, tweaks, modified apps, games, and even specific Jailbreak tools.

Features of CokernutX

  • Jailbreak Free app installer
  • Safe and secure platform
  • Available free and paid tweaks and Games
  • It is free to use
  • Support a large amount of iOS devices

You can find some amazing free and paid apps from the Cokernutx app installer. Spotify++, Pokemongo, Minecraft, Moviebox, and much more stuff are included. The Cokernutx installation method is very easy, it does not require jailbreak and is compatible with all iOS 16 and up devices.


SideloadStore is another source for getting iOS modifications. Just explore a vast app library with tweaked apps, emulators, and more! Check out the new section for IPA files and find your perfect match.


This is a very popular and unique app store. We can define it as a jailed permasigned app installer. It was released for targeting iOS 15 to iOS 14 devices. Therefore, the latest update is iOS 15.1.1.

Trollstore offers amazing features, primarily allowing you to install any IPA permanently without any limitations. Additionally, it supports app plugins and has the ability to run unsigned apps. You can easily install this app store for free, and it does not require jailbreak.


NoCodeHub logo

Discover the ultimate IPA library for iOS devices running iOS 10 to iOS 16.5 with NoCodeHub – a secure and ad-free website where you can download IPA files directly from the NoCodeHub app.

Senumy IPA Library

Senumy IPA Library Icon

Senumy is the ultimate IPA library for every iOS device. Packed with a vast collection of cool and exciting IPAs for free, Senumy is your go-to destination for unlocking new features, expanding functionalities, and enhancing your iOS experience. From productivity tools to entertainment apps, Games, Tweaks, Jailbreak Tools, and everything in between, Senumy has you covered. Explore, download, and renew your device to new heights with Senumy – the one-stop shop for all your IPA needs.


SharkApp offers iOS applications, tweaks, and popular jailbreak tools for both your jailbreak and non-jailbreak devices. These packages and tools support iOS 12 and higher versions.


Xabsi App Store Icon

Using Xabsi, iOS users can effortlessly download and install a wide range of apps and tweaks on their devices. This versatile platform is available to both jailbroken and non-jailbreak users, offering a good selection of applications. Additionally, Xabsi enables full features to install and utilize the platform’s custom-made apps, ensuring a seamless user experience.

It provides access to a variety of utility apps, Systems, Hacked Games, Popular Games, Emulators, Tweaks, Jailbreak, Exclusive, apps stores, system cleanup tools, and file managers, which can support you to upgrade your device’s efficiency and usability. Xabsi is the most secure best-tweaked store for every Apple user.

Features of Xabsi

  • Support all iOS devices & versions
  • Simple & user-friendly UI
  • Freshly updated content
  • Exclusive collection of applications and customizations
  • Ability to Work for both jailbroken & non-jailbroken users
  • Safe and secure, not harmful to your device ( No viruses arise )
  • No need computer to fulfill the installation process of Xabsi

Scylla iOS

Scylla Logo

Maintenance work is being carried out on the Scylla tweak store at the moment.


TutuBox Logo

TuTuBox stands out as the most popular tweaked App Store among Apple users which enables the installation of Tweaked applications on all iOS iPhone and iPad OS devices. It is compatible with the latest iOS 16.5 (beta 2) to iOS 14 versions. Additionally, users with older iOS versions are fully compatible with TuTuBox.


TutuApp Logo

The perfect tutu app store provides a vast collection of modern apps, themes, new games, wallpapers, and tweaks, it also contains popular apps like Pokemon Go, Minecraft, Youtube, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

This Chinese app store comes with a free version and is compatible with iOS 14 to iOS 9 devices. The Tutu app works without jailbreaking your iPhone device, another benefit is you can use TutuApp as a memory optimizer, it cleans your device’s cache and junk files flawlessly, and this is a beneficial app installer for you.

Rocket Store

Rocket Store Logo

If you are looking for a great tweak app store to install games ? on your iPhone or iPad device? Then Rocket store is a one-stop destination for your need. It offers massive amounts of hacked games, tweaks, jailbreak tools, and other 3rd party apps.

This app store runs all iOS 16.5 – iOS 15.0 running iOS devices without needing Jailbreak. You can get the Rocket app store as a free version and this is a new app store for every iPhone user.


After getting AppMonster on your iOS device you can perfectly manage, backup & restore your applications, also including games for you. This is available in the official Apple app store.


TweakBox Logo

Tweak Box is the best third-party App installer for your iPhone & iPad devices, consisting of the latest tweaks, official apps, free use paid apps, modified games, screen recorders, emulators, utilities (including different tools like VPNs, file managers, etc.) and more to come.

You are always looking to use your iOS device in a safe way, So I highly recommend you to use this tweakbox because it is a safe way of getting applications and other aspects as your preferences. Without jailbreaking your iOS device you can download the tweak box Appstore and it works with a maximum of iOS 14 latest versions and a minimum of iOS 10 versions.


AppCake Logo

As of now, AppCake stands as the popular 3rd party tweaked app store, compatible with iOS 16.5 to 15.0 versions. It empowers users to effortlessly install iOS tweak apps, games, repositories, themes, tools, and useful iOS modifications, all work without the need to jailbreak their iPhone or iPad. Notably, this app store is free and can be conveniently installed directly through the Safari web browser.


HappyMod is a unique third-party app store that offers a range of modified and tweaked apps, along with fun games for iOS devices. These exclusive features are not available on the official Apple App Store.

Enjoy a customized iOS experience without the need for jailbreaking, and benefit from the lightning-fast speed of this app store. The interface of HappyMod is super cool, simple, and highly user-friendly. Stay up-to-date with daily refreshing content. Another great feature is the FAQ section, where you can ask questions and report any issues to the developers. Get ready to indulge in the fastest iOS modification experience.

Bunny Inject

Bunny Inject Logo

BunnyInject is a well-known app store that allows for the installation of jailbreak tweaks and apps without the need for jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad device. The Bunny Inject method is completely jailbreak-free, providing an easy way to download and use the Bunny Inject app.

iPA Rhino

The exclusive 3rd-party app store, iPArhino offers a wide range of free tweaks, games, media apps, utilities, and emulators.

iPA Rhino provides an impressive collection of tweaks, including iSpoofer, Cercube 5 for YT, Instagram++, Twitch++, Deezer++, and Instagram Rhino, among others. Moreover, this app store is popular for its emulators such as Retroarch, PPSSPP v1.9.3, GBA4iOS 2.1, DELTA, and iNDS. Additionally, you can find an array of amazing tools within this app store


Delta is an emulator app designed for all iOS devices, allowing you to enjoy classic video games from various consoles, including Super Nintendo, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy, and more. However, Delta cannot be found on the App Store. Instead, you can obtain it through alternative sources or by jailbreaking your iOS device.


AppTweak is an excellent platform for iOS mobile app optimizations and analytics that provide valuable data for marketers and mobile app developers. Additionally, AppTweak offers some options such as app store optimization, competitor analysis, app intelligence, review analysis, and app store monitoring.

MiOS Haimawan

MiOS Haimawan simplifies the process of downloading and installing its iOS App Store, eliminating the need for a jailbroken iOS device.

Featuring a vast collection of hacked apps, games, popular apps, and games, MiOS Haimawan offers a wide range of options. Additionally, you can access TV shows, movies, ringtones, and more through the MiOS Haimawan App Store. Although the app store is currently in Chinese, don’t worry—translator tools like Google Translate are available, and an English version of MiOS Haimawan will be released soon.


ACMarket is a great alternative to the Apple App Store. Previously, it didn’t support iOS devices, but now it is available for installation on iOS devices. ACMarket can be installed without the need for jailbreak and has easy installation steps. The interface is similar to that of the Google Play Store, offering thousands of free apps and games. This app store supports iOS devices ranging from iOS 13 to iOS 7.


Discover the ultimate app playground with iExtras, the premier third-party app store for iOS devices. Get thousand of tweaked apps, games, mind-blowing tweaks, and more unique functionalities without jailbreaking your device. All are completely free.

iExtras third-party app store empowers you to unleash your device’s full potential hassle-free. Stay ahead of the game with a daily updated interface, packed with fresh content and exciting features. Whether you’re taking pleasure in a jailbroken device or the latest iOS version, iExtras has got you covered with its perfect compatibility. Explore a user-friendly interface that puts the power in your hands.


AppBox is not an app store for iOS devices; rather, it is a tool related to development purposes. However, there are several popular third-party app stores available for iOS devices, such as AppValley, iOS Heaven, TweakBox, TuTuBox, and, CokerNutX among others. Unlike AppBox, these app stores offer a wide range of tweaked apps and games for iOS devices, available in free versions.


iEnchantify is an app installer that is compatible with older iOS 10 to iOS 11 versions, running on iPhone, iPad, and iPod. It does not require jailbreak, making it convenient for users. This app installer is packed with a wide range of cool apps, themes, and other iOS utilities.


Discover the power of iPAStore, the ultimate app resigning service. Sign apps with ease, even without your Apple ID. Enjoy a user-friendly iPAStore app with massive categories of pre-bundled apps, including popular tweaks and emulators. Benefit from courteous customer service, push notification support, and constant updates. Import your own apps and sign apps up to 1 GB in size. iPAStore has it all for an enhanced app experience.


HipStore is a fantastic third-party app store, serving as a prime source for iOS modifications on every jailbroken iPhone and iPad. It enables you to effortlessly download and install both free and paid versions of applications, games, themes, and a multitude of exciting features.

This app store is compatible with all iOS versions, ensuring a safe and secure browsing experience for all your iOS customization options. HipStore is similar to AppCake, and both app stores are providing various categories of modifications.


Ignition Logo

Ignition is another ios alternative third-party app store that provides access to get a vast collection of apps that are not available in the app store, new tweaks, hacked apps, games, themes, tools, and more favorable packages.

So the ignition is a safe alternative for Cydia and comes with an impressive user interface that can get better satisfaction from using it. Ignition app store supports ios 8 and above all the ios versions without Jailbreaking your iPhone and iPad devices.


AppValley Logo

Since you are looking for another Cydia alternative, you can try this AppValley third-party app store. It provides modified and tweaked apps, games, themes, social media apps, screen recorders, tools, and utilities like (file managers, VPNs), emulators, and more.

It is full of third-party apps, the same as TweakBox you can find paid apps for free from AppValley. This Appstore is fully secure & safe for iPhone to download and install. It works with iOS 14 – iOS 10 versions without jailbreaking your device.


The AppDB is a dedicated mobile app that allows Apple users with iOS 12 and higher to browse, download, and install a wide variety of apps and iOS games. It serves as an excellent source for IPA downloads. This mobile app offers several categories, including iOS Apps (such as Snapchat, AI-based GoatChat, Clash Mini, etc.), Cydia apps (such as Cowabunga, Canary Pron SoundCloud, BHTwitter), MacOS (AppStore), and Books. With its extensive collection of iOS device packages and other modifications, this app store provides a vast selection for users.


EonHub Logo

Econhub stands out as the freshest replacement for the cydia package manager. Featuring the incredibly fastest and most user-friendly interface for direct downloading iOS modification. Notably, Econhub ensures absolute safety while offering its entire range of features free of charge. Upon launching this modified app store via your web browser, you gain access to fresh updates, ensuring a consistently up-to-date experience.

This app store is packed with community apps, hacked games, jailbreak apps, Troll apps, MacDirtyCow apps, Tweaked apps, and cool games for your device.

Features of Eonhub

No need Jailbreak / Provide fresh updates / Available brand new Games & apps for free / No installation process / Use this via your web browser / Support all the latest iOS versions


Download Tweaked Apps for iPhone or iPad

Tweak app stores provide massive amounts of iOS modification for enhancing your device. These tweaked app stores possible to use as the best alternative methods for Sileo and Cydia package installers.

The safety level of tweak app stores

Tweak app stores are very safe and secure for your device. way to browse apps for your iOS devices

Supported versions of the tweaked app stores

Most of the tweaked app stores are updated to support the latest iOS versions

Is tweaked app stores always need jailbreak?

No. It is possible to find tweaked app stores with a jailbreak-free installation