KFD Exploit Jailbreak

We continuously updated the latest information about the KFD exploit which was developed by Felix-pb. Supports arm64 devices on iOS 15 – 16.6b1.

You can get the latest KFD news, features, and working IPA files on this webpage.

KFD Exploit Jailbreak for iOS 15 - 16.6b1

Start Customize your Device with KFD

KFD exploits offer the best customization options for your devices without needing a jailbreak.

  • Perfectly improves your iOS 16 device’s User Interface
  • Tweaking your iOS device without requiring a jailbreak

A powerful kernel file descriptor KFD exploit hasn’t produced a working jailbreak yet. However, creating a complete jailbreak using the KFD exploit will require some time before it’s released.

KFD Features

Hide the Home Bar ? / Change the Lock Screen font ? / Hide the device’s dock ? / Remove folder/dock backgrounds ? / Enables custom icon UI changes ? / Default boot animation ? / Misaka KFD ?

What’s New!

Released Date – 01.09.2023

Released Date – 30.08.2023

Supported iOS Versions

iOS 16.6 Beta 1 / iOS 16.6 / iOS 16.5 / iOS 16.4 / iOS 16.3 / iOS 16.2 / iOS 16.1 / iOS 16.0 / iOS 15.7.6 / iOS 15.5 / iOS 15

Supported iOS Devices

A12+ Devices – iPhone XS / iPhone XS Max / iPhone XR / iPhone 11 / iPhone 11 Pro / iPhone 11 Pro Max / iPhone 12 Mini

According to opa334, the KFD will soon be available for additional iPhone and iPad devices. The list of upcoming devices is provided below.

  • iOS 15.1.1 iPhone 13 Pro / iOS 15.4.1 iPad 8 / iOS 15.7.3 iPhone SE

Is KFD Jailbreak Support iOS 17

The main developer mentioned that the KFD jailbreak was designed to work with iOS 16.5 to 15.5 versions. According to posts on the developer’s official Twitter account, it looks like the KFD exploit might work with iOS 17 jailbreak too.

You know cydia is the best jailbreak solution in the world. Considering KFD jailbreak, it is not the best cydia alternative solution at this time. Because you can’t install cydia or sileo package managers with KFD. Unlike this brand-new jailbreak tool, after installing cydia you can find thousands of the newest repos and tweaks for your device.

Cardinal KFD – Modify Wallet

Personalize your wallet card by using Cardinal-KFD.

  • Change the images on the cards in your Apple Wallet 
  • Support – iOS 15.0-16.5 (and 16.6b1).
  • Tested✔️- iPhone 13 Pro (iOS 15.3.1, TrollStore & MDC) / iPhone 12 Pro (iOS 16.6b1, KFD)

Taurine Jailbreak for KFD

The iOS 14 to iOS 14.4.2 range now has the unofficial Taurine IPA available for jailbreaking.

With support from the KFD exploit, this new Taurine jailbreak update enables you to install Sileo on arm64 devices within this system version easily.

Download KFD IPA

These are the tested IPA file for KFD Jailbreak. So you can feel free to download & install it on your no-jailbreak device without having any doubt.

User Guide

After downloading KFD IPA, you can sideload it using either Sideloadly or AltStore methods for jailbreaking.

Latest Features of KFD Exploit

List Of Available KFD IPAs to Download

  1. Pure-KFD
  2. BlizzardBoard-KFD
  3. KFD Blacklist
  4. Taurine KFD
  5. KFDFilza
  6. Cluckabunga
  7. SimpleKFD
  8. Misaka KFD
  9. ChickenButt-KFD
  10. Pois0nKFD
  11. ResSet16
  12. KFDFontOverwrite
  13. Kanna Font Destroy-KFD
  14. Picasso

1. PureKFD

PureKFD is a newly released KFD package manager that supports Picasso & Misaka Packages / Picasso Repos. Making it your go-to for top-notch customization.

It’s all about Picasso Packages and rudimentary Misaka package support. PureKFD plays nice with lots of versions, from iOS 16.5-16.2 and 16.6b1. PureKFD V4 is Coming Soon..!


  • Improved UI
  • Search now signifies the package type & no longer crashes
  • Added option to switch what type of respring
  • Added FixDynamicIsland
  • Added remove for Hide Home Bar from Picasso’s beta repo
  • Included more Misaka repos

Version ➡️ V3.4

2. KFD Blacklist

The KFD exploit allows for the bypassing of blacklist restrictions and revoked apps on iOS versions 16.2 to 16.6 beta 1, along with the capability to install third-party app stores on your iPhone without resorting to jailbreak methods.

3. KFDFilza

KFDFilza File Manager combines comprehensive file exploration, management, previewing, and editing, along with cloud integration, security options, and advanced access for jailbroken devices, offering an all-in-one solution for iOS users seeking powerful control over their files.


Device Compatibility: A12-A16 (iPhone Xs – iPhone 14 Pro Max) on iOS 16.2 – 16.5 & 16.6b1

4. BlizzardBoard-KFD

Utilizing the KFD exploit, the BlizzardBoard app has been launched for iOS versions 16 to 16.5 and 16.6 (beta 1).

After getting this app, you can customize your Home Screen by applying themed icons through SnowBoard-compatible iOS themes.

5. Cluckabunga

No more limits with Cluckabunga – the developer extraordinaire LeminLimez. This no-jailbreak app uses the KFD exploit to revolutionize iOS settings for 16.5 – 16.2 and A12-A16 devices. From the genius behind Cowabunga, Cluckabunga is your new iOS sidekick.


What’s New! Change passcode keys and tweak resolutions with a backboard respring type. Bugs? Not anymore.

6. SimpleKFD

SimpleKFD is a newly released kfd customization tool, it offers a few customization options to your arm64 & arm64e devices. These are the new features of SimpleKFD.

List of Tweaks – KFD

  • Hide Homebar & Dock
  • Enable 14 Pro Max Resolution / Dynamix Island
  • Change the Font to a hardcoded one
  • Custom Lockscreen Icons
  • Custom CC Icons
  • Hide Lockscreen Icons / Notifications / Media Player Background
  • Font Color & Purple System

Download SimpleKFD IPA

  • iPA For iOS 16.6b1 & 16.0 – iOS 16.5
  • iPA For iOS 15.7.6 – iOS 15.0

7. Misaka KFD – Tweak Manager

Misaka jailed package manager utilizes the KFD & MacDirtyCow exploits offering compatibility across all devices from A12 to A16. It provides iOS users with two distinct options for altering app settings such as KDF and MDF. Learn more.

Supported Versions Of Misaka IPA

  • iOS 16.6b1 / iOS 16.2 – 16.5 / 16.0 – 16.1.2

Install Misaka IPA

  • IPA for A12-A16 / iPhone 14 Pro Max – iPhone Xs / ( iOS 16.2 – 16.5 & 16.6b1 )
  • IPA for iOS 15.7.1 – 15.0 & iOS 16.1.2 – 16.0

8. ChickenButt-KFD

Chicken-ButtKFD customization tool works without jailbreaking your device! Support iOS 16.2 – 16.5 & 16.6b1 on A12-A16 devices and the latest iOS/iPadOS devices using the powerful KFD R/W kernel exploit.

Features – Chicken-ButtKFD

  • Dynamic Island feature (Updated)
  • Included X Gestures
  • Ability to hide the dock, home bar, and folder backgrounds.
  • Import locks from TrollLock set your desired number of frames, and customize animation speed to create a truly unique lock screen experience.
  • Explore a vast collection of themes
  • Custom fonts
  • Renew your Settings app

Install ChickenButt-KFD IPA

  • All iOS versions – 25ull IPA
  • iOS 14 Users – 17ull IPA

9. Pois0nKFD

The pois0nKFD Jailbreak App enables various tweaks for iOS 15.5 – iOS 16.5/16.6 beta 1 (A12+) devices, including Hide Dock, Hide Home Bar, Custom Fonts, CC Custom Icons, and more.

Install Pois0nKFD IPA

  • For A12+ A16 Devices

10. ResSet16

The new ResSet16 App (KFDicks16) utilizes a KFD exploit to enable users to set screen resolution on iOS versions 15.0 – 16.5 and the latest iOS 16.6b1.


Install Pois0nKFD IPA

  • A16 Devices
  • All Devices

11. KFDFontOverwrite

KFD Font Overwrite feature enables you to change the lock screen clock font style and colors.


Tested Devices – KFDFontOverwrite

  • iOS 15.5 to 16.6b1– iPhone XS – 14 Pro (16.2 – 16.5) / iPhone SE (2022), iPhone Xr, 11, 11 Pro, 14 Pro (16.6 b1)

Install KFDFontOverwrite IPA

  • Non14Pro
  • All Devices

12. Kanna font destroy-KFD

KFD-kanna Font Destroy – a fresh KFD-inspired approach to tweak your Home screen clock font.

Supported Versions

  • KFD-kanna Font Destroy – a fresh KFD-inspired approach to tweak your Home screen clock font.

Download KFD-Kanna font Destroy IPA

  • For 14 Pro / 14 Pro Max Users
  • All Device Versions

13. Picasso for KFD

Utilizing the KFD exploit, a jailed toolbox application is available for all arm64e iPhones that operate on iOS 16.0 – 16.5 and 16.6b1.

Features of Picasso – Customization Tool

  • Dynamic Island on all device
  • Springboard Tools
    • Dock color
    • Folder background color
    • Control Center background color
    • Notification banner bg color
    • Notification shadow color
  • Settings app customizer
  • Custom system-wide Fonts
  • Custom Face ID lock icon animation on the Lock Screen
  • Audio (charging, screenshot, lock, notification) customizer

Supported iOS Versions

  • iOS 16.0 – 16.5
  • iOS 16.6 beta 1

Picasso Tested Devices

  • iPhone 14 Pro Max / iPhone 13 Pro / iPhone SE (2nd generation) / iPhone 11 / iPhone XR

Get Picasso Tool for iOS 15 – 16

Version ➡️ V2 Beta 5

14. Hide Dock With KFD

Hide your dock with the KFD exploit, exclusively compatible with iPhone 12 Mini, iOS 16.6 beta 1 only.

Hide Dock With KFD

15. Hide Torch/Cam on LS

This is another cool feature. You can hide your torch or Camera on the Lock screen with the Kfd exploit.

KFD Exploit Unsupported Actions!

KFD Exploit provides limited options for you to enjoy. Also, you’re familiar with the MacDirtyCow exploits, which share similar functionalities with the KFD exploit.

  • Performing code injection ❎
  • Getting root ❎
  • Obtaining arbitrary ❎
  • Bypassing code signing ❎
  • Full Device Jailbreaking ❎

Alternatives Solutions for KFD Jailbreak

  1. Ponba JailbreakPonba is a recently released jailbreak tool, offering a viable alternative solution to the KFD jailbreak. This semi-untethered jailbreak solution supports iOS versions 6 to 16.6 and is compatible with iPhone 6 to iPhone 13 models.
  2. NekoJb Jailbreak – This is another upcoming KFD alternative jailbreak solution called the NekoJB jailbreak exploit. It’s a semi-untethered jailbreak developed by @HAHALOSAH, utilizing the KFD exploit and R/W kernel exploits. Gain access to SEP features such as passcode, Touch/FaceID, and Apple Pay. NekoJB supports arm64 devices, including iPhone X.

What’s New in KFD Exploits!

Developers from Misaka have confirmed that a kfd supported version of the package manager will be coming

Reference Link

A tip about a new jailbreak method called misakfd someone has been posted on Twitter. There is no correct information here yet.

KFD fonts tested and confirmed that it works on iOS 16.6 beta 1.

Reference Link

Developer Information

A developer named Felix-pb has introduced the KFD jailbreak exploit IPA.

Video Guide – KFD Jailbreak