Best iOS 17 Themes

Discover an awesome collection of iOS 17 themes designed exclusively for your iPhone/iPad devices.

Themes and tweaks are the most powerful things to modify your iOS iPhone or iPad OS device. Now you can easily get thousands of amazing rootless and rootfull / iOS 17 Jailbreak support themes from this page.

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Best iOS 17 Theme Collection

We provide beautiful and trending iOS 17 – iOS 15 No-Jailbreak themes for your iPhone or iPad devices. These themes support rootless and rootless jailbreak perfectly.

0v3rkast Theme

0v3rkast Theme for iOS

Developer DahlinKawika has released the 0v3rkast theme, which consists of truly amazing dark icons. After applying the 0v3rkast theme, you can get a premium look on your home screen.

This free theme supports all iOS and iPadOS versions. If you are satisfied with this theme you can donate to the developer.

Wrap White Theme

Wrap White Theme for iOS

The “Wrap White” theme is a newly released, really nice theme by @Enter_Apps.

It contains over 260 awesome icons, supporting both jailbreak and jailbroken devices. You can expect to receive more updates about the Wrap White theme in the future.

Lucent Theme

Lecent theme for iOS

Get a radiant icon look for your existing app icons using the Lucent theme.

Numerous options are available, such as dark mode, black mode, glyphs mode, and white mode. Choose from over 15,000 redesigned app icons to personalize your home screen.

Bobo Dark Theme

Bobo Dark Theme for iOS

Bobo is a dark and glowing icon theme handcrafted with gradient color tones. This amazing iPhone-style theme will give your existing app icons a very attractive look.

Available 200+ well-designed icons and this theme seamlessly supports all versions.

Shimmer Theme

Shimmer theme for iOS

The Shimmer Theme by Thenatis – A Mesmerizing New Look With an Irresistible Glint! Elevate Your Device with Over 540+ Icons, Each One More Beautiful Than the Last.

Immerse Yourself in a World of Vibrant Colors, Ensuring Every Icon Comes to Life in Spectacular Fashion. Upgrade Your Display and Experience the Captivating Brilliance of Shimmer.

Muze 4 Theme

Muze 4 theme for iOS

Muze 4 is a popular theme for iPhones that looks bright and colorful. It is compatible with all the latest iOS 17 & above iDevices. The Muze 4 theme has high-quality app icons, and it has all the icons you need.

How to install Muze 4 theme? Install Cydia 2 package manager (rootless). Get the Muze 4 theme from the “Cydia 2 theme section”, also there are more than 25+ free themes available for your home screen customization.

RedDead Theme

RedDead Theme for iOS

The newly released RedDead iOS theme includes amazing black icons with a Red logo. This theme brings your iOS 17 home screen a unique look. Grab your RedDead theme now!

Lollipop Theme

Lollipop Theme for iOS

Begin on a visual journey like no other with the mesmerizing Lollipop iOS 16 theme by Thenatis. Immerse yourself in a symphony of beauty and vibrancy as your iOS device becomes a stunning canvas adorned with over 180 stunning App icons. Set free the magic of Lollipop and let your screen radiate with elegance and grace.

iOSX Theme

iOSX Theme for iOS

iOSX Theme for All versions – Introducing the perfect blend of iOS and MacOS icons! Inspired by MacOS Catalina, each icon is meticulously designed with care and attention to detail.

Enjoy 220+ beautifully crafted icons and multiple alternatives for a touch of uniqueness. Elevate your device’s style with sleek UI switches and eye-catching notification badges. Plus, UI passcode buttons make security look stunning and accessible. iOSX also supports Altstore icons, adding endless possibilities to your home screen. Embrace simplicity and elegance with the iOSX theme today.

Viola White

Viola White for iOS

Viola White theme makes your iOS home screen, a modern, stylish, and stunning light look. With over 2000 carefully crafted icons, this theme reimagines the stock iOS look with a fascinating color palette, beautiful gradients, and a pleasant twist.

Transform your device into a brand-new appearance that feels refreshingly different yet pleasing to the eyes. Support rootless jailbreak with all iOS versions.

Junipero Theme

Junipero Theme for iOS

The Junipero theme will enhance your iOS App Icons with stunning icons, featuring excellent customizable shadows, and endless possibilities. Over 200 high-quality icons, optional Junipero Deluxe effects, and alternative options await. Redefine your home screen with style and refinement.

This cool theme is compatible with a wide range of iOS versions, and it supports rootless jailbreak.

Parousia Theme

Parousia Theme for iOS

Enjoy a Parousia theme that combines the adorable charm of Microsoft Office icons with a delightful twist! Includes a collection of over 450+ handcrafted, cute, and colorful icons, along with custom notification badges and regular updates, this theme is a perfect match for any setup. Stay excited for upcoming enhancements, including a status bar, settings icons, icon masks, and alternative icons. Get ready for a future brimming with limitless possibilities!

modernOS Theme

modernOS Theme for iOS

Experience the vibrant joy of the modernOS theme: a colorful and happy iOS icon upgrade that brings a modern touch to your device. With over 200+ carefully designed icons, this theming revolution guarantees the best user experience. Unleash the power of modernOS and let your device shine like never before.

Darker Plus Theme

Darker Plus Theme for iOS

The Darker Side of Elegance with 1160 Total Icons, including unique 550+ Dark Icons, and 580 PURE Black (OLED) Icons – All in the Same Iconic Style.

Unlock 2 Exclusive Dark + Black Badges for a Truly Unique Look. Elevate Your Display with This Stunning Darker Plus Theme – Requires a Thememing engine like Snowboard! & Support all iOS versions

Miso Theme

Miso Theme for iOS

The magic of Cartoon Glyphs icons, an elegant collection of 600+ charming icons inspired by beloved cartoons. Elevate your device’s style with these animated treasures, compatible with Snowboard or Anemone-theming engines. Get ready to embark on a nostalgic journey through the vibrant world of Cartoon Glyphs.

ZEZE Theme

ZEZE Theme for iOS

The ZEZE theme was carefully designed with a consistent and pleasing design language for all icons, creating a sense of unity and beauty. It aims to absorb you in a tropical atmosphere, inspired by the summery vibes of the song it shares its name with. The app icons were designed by using beautiful vibrant colors and smooth gradients.

Taffy Theme

Taffy Theme for iOS

The simple & cool look Taffy iOS Theme! With 200 icons, 22 alternate icons, badges, an icon mask, and two gorgeous wallpapers, this iOS-compatible icon pack will transform your device into a stunning work of art. This theme is compatible with iOS 14 – 7. Let’s upgrade your style and make an amazing iOS home screen with a taffy theme today!

Morandi Theme

Morandi Theme for iOS

Embrace the subtle elegance of the Morandi theme, featuring 600+ meticulously crafted icons. Experience the refined beauty of muted and dark intermediate colors, brought to life with an air of natural grace. Immerse yourself in the artistry of the Morandi iOS theme.

Vivacity Theme

Vivacity Theme for iOS
Home Screen
Vivacity Theme
Settings Icons

Modify your device with the Vivacity theme by Thenatis, a vibrant theme that will breathe new life into your screen.

Including 200+ icons, revamped designs, and customizable settings icons, this theme is compatible with all versions and will light up your device like never before. Embrace the liveliness and make your device truly stand out.

Felicity Pro Theme

Felicity Pro Theme for iOS

Felicity Pro theme for iOS 11.0 – iOS 14.7 Jailbroken devices, with an all-new redesign offering deeper shadows & sharper glyphs, Felicity Pro takes everything that was great about Felicity and pushes it even further.

The gradients and colors have also been improved uniquely, representing a more premium look and feel that is really amazing. Available 1000 icons, 19 alternative icons, 3 folder icons, styled wallet icons, and iTunes & App Store icons.

Saige Theme

Saige Theme for iOS

Introducing Saige, the icon pack that empowers you to Choose like a Pro version! With a stunning collection of 500+ well-designed icons, and a total of 2500+ icons when you count all the options, your device will never look the same again.

Versatility is at your fingertips with Saige. Take your pick from 5 distinct styles: Saige, Saige Invert, Saige Glyphs, Saige Black, and Saige Light – each one crafted to perfection. Transform your device into a reflection of your mood, style, or vibe – it’s all up to you! This amazing theme is compatible with all types of iOS versions. Also, it supports rootless jailbreak.

iLitgh Theme

iLitgh Theme for iOS
Home Screen View
iLitgh Theme
Settings App View

iLitgh is a beautiful gradient iOS theme that offers more than 100 handcrafted icons. These theme icons will best fit your iPhone Style. After adding this theme you can get a brand new look for your existing iOS 7 and up home screen.

The features are this theme includes 150+ gradient icons/settings icons/notification badges / iLigh Mask and more. iLitgh theme is possible to apply to iOS 15, iOS 14, iOS 13, iOS 12, iOS 11, iOS 10, iOS 9, iOS 8, and iOS 7 Apple Devices. It requires a jailbreak and works with SnowBoad and iThemer.

Sherbet Theme

Sherbet Theme for iOS
Sherbet Theme

Enrich your iOS device with a delightful Sherbet pastel theme featuring 370+ app icons. Experience the elegance of Glyph icons, design seamlessly between Light and Dark Mode Icons, and add an artistic touch with Watercolor Icons.

Personalize every detail with Icon Masks, showcase achievements with Badges, and enjoy retro charm with Clock & Calendar Theming. Explore endless possibilities with the cool Settings Icons collection. This theme can apply all the iOS versions and supports rootless.

DarkBoard XS

DarkBoard XS Theme for iOS
Home screen
DarkBoard XS Theme
Settings App

Experience a stunning theme like no other with over 2350 original app icons, including gradients, TrueDark, glyphs, and more. Customize your device with badges, boot logos, and animated respring logos. Shape your screen with round corners or round masks.

Enjoy seamless compatibility with all iOS versions. Elevate your device to new heights of beauty and personalization.

Epiphany Theme

Epiphany Theme for iOS

Epiphany theme is a great home screen idea for personalizing your iOS home screen with flat, minimal, and colorful icons. Packed with 100+ handcrafted designs, each icon has its unique look and feel. Enjoy constant updates and support for all iOS versions. Decorate your device and showcase your personal style today!

Lonie Theme

Lonie Theme for iOS
Lonie Theme

Renew your device app icons with Lonie, a dynamic hand-drawn beautiful icon pack featuring over 400+ unique icons, including beloved iOS app icons such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Netflix, TikTok, and many more icons to enjoy!

The Lonie icon pack is available for all iOS device versions. Currently, it was updated with 28 newly redesigned app icons.

Jumi Theme

Jumi Theme for iOS

Upgrade your iOS device to a whole new level of beauty and simplicity with the Jumi theme. This home screen idea is designed to give every icon a true, elegant look on your iPhone or iPad.

With over 300 app icons and alternative options, along with custom-made settings icons, notification badges, and UI, Jumi offers a completely personalized experience. Whether you’re scrolling through your apps or setting up your device, Jumi will make your iOS experience truly remarkable. Enjoy the Jumi theme, now it is compatible with all iOS device versions.

Mi5 Theme

Mi5 Theme for iOS

Mi5 Theme, a unique iOS theme is a visually stunning and innovative design that offers a fresh and impressive look for your iOS device home screen.

Its vibrant and eye-catching color palette, coupled with the seamless and sleek interface, creates an elegant and engaging user experience. A wide range collection of customized 2 AE icons, 3 Dock, 1 Badge and 500+ HD App icons will make your home screen a brand new look.

BubbleOS Theme

BubbleOS Theme for iOS

BubbleOS is a newly released iOS theme. After installing this bubbly theme on your device, you can enjoy beautiful bubbly-looking app icons. This home screen theme includes more than 300 glyphs/icons, setting themes, badge themes, and 2 dialer themes. Get this theme by using the button below.

Upcoming iOS 17 Themes

This upcoming theme is designed for the latest iOS devices. The theme icons are exceptionally cool, featuring app icons designed with glowing colors. The theme doesn’t have a name yet. Once released, you’ll be able to get it from this page or Gumroad site.

How to Install iOS 17 Themes? – Step By Step Guide

Are you looking to customize your iOS 17 experience with above i mentioned unique themes?

Then follow these simple methods to install both rootfull and rootless themes on your device. Please keep in mind that modifying your device’s system may have implications, so proceed with caution and only use trusted sources.

Method 1: Using Cydia/Sileo ( Rootless )

1. Obtain Cydia or Sileo for iOS 17 from a trustworthy source. Ensure that you are downloading from a reliable repository to avoid any security risks.

Install Cydia for iOS 17

Install Sileo for iOS 17 ( Using Hacksn0w )

2. Add Rootless Support Repositories

Add the necessary repositories that provide tweaks, modified themes, and iOS enhancements compatible with rootless setups.

Repositories for Cydia/Sileo

3. Select, Search and Install Theme

Using Cydia, search for your desired theme. Once found, proceed to install it. Make sure the theme is compatible with iOS 17.

Or you can select our collection of themes and go through their install links

Go to the iOS 17 Themes

4. Apply Theme

After installation, navigate to your device’s settings app. Look for the theme options, select the installed theme, and apply it to your device’s appearance.

Method 2: Using CowabungaLite (Rootless)

1. Install CowabungaLite

Download CowabungaLite for iOS 17 from a trusted source. Ensure that the source is reliable and offers genuine applications.


2. Browse Themes

Launch CowabungaLite. Explore the available themes to find the one that suits your style and preferences.

Cowabunga Themes

3. Download Theme

Once you’ve chosen your desired theme, initiate the download process within the CowabungaLite app.

4. Apply Cowabunga Theme

  • Step 1. Open the settings app on your iOS 17 device
  • Step 2. Locate the theme settings
  • Step 3. Select the downloaded theme
  • Step 4. Apply the theme to renew your device’s look.

Note : Modifying your iOS device through these methods may void your apple warranty and introduce security or stability concerns. Always use trusted sources and repositories to download apps and themes.