Cydia without Jailbreak

If you need to get the fully functional Cydia you must jailbreak your iPhone or iPad. Jailbreaking is simple. Here are the easiest methods to jailbreak your device. 

Otherwise, you can get the Cydia lite versions with limited functions. If you don’t want to jailbreak and would like to get the Cydia demo version check for the following methods. 

  1. Download Cydia 2 Virtual
  2. Get Cydia using Siri shortcuts

The reason that jailbreaking voids Apple device’s warranty, most iOS and iPadOS users are looking for ways to download cydia without jailbreaking. But jailbreaking is completely legal. 

And most importantly, iOS and iPad users are not aware that jailbreaking is the only way to get fully working cydia on their devices. So, they try to install cydia on non-jailbroken devices.

Can you download Cydia without Jailbreaking?

Yes, you can download Cydia without jailbreaking. But the thing is, it is not fully working Cydia. 

You cannot get real cydia or else fully working cydia without jailbreaking your Apple device. 

By downloading the demo version of cydia you can check how cydia works on your device

Let’s see how you can download and how cydia works on non-jailbroken devices.

1. Download Cydia 2 Virtual

Here is the download link to the Cydia 2 Virtual version.

This is a virtual version of the latest Cydia which you can test how cydia will be on your iOS device. By tapping on the above button, you will be able to download the latest Cydia on your iOS or iPad OS device.

Why Cydia demo version?

As previously mentioned you can install the cydia demo version without jailbreaking your Apple device. Most users install the demo version without knowing, but there are some advantages for downloading this demo version as well. 

Mainly, you can test Cydia on your Apple device. Since you have access to some selected tweaks, apps, themes and games on this demo version, you will be able to check how these things work on the device. You can check your satisfaction level about cydia without jailbreaking your Apple device. 

After testing Cydia with a demo version, you can jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod using a popular jailbreak tool if you are confident with Cydia. 

Let us see the features of the Cydia demo version. 

  • Without jailbreaking you can test how cydia works on your device
  • You can simply install this demo version
  • No need a PC or Mac for installation process
  • Supports all the iOS versions including the latest iOS 14.7.1
  • Supports all the iDevices such as iPhones and iPads
  • You have access to some tweaks so that you can check how those work on your device without even jailbreaking

2. Get Cydia using Siri Shortcuts

Let us see how to install Cydia using Siri Shortcut method, on non-jailbroken devices. We have provided the step by step guide below and you can follow the steps and install cydia. 

Step 1: Download the shortcut app. 

Open the App Store and search for Shortcuts. Then install it. 

Step 2: Open Safari browser and head over to “”

Step 3: Tap on “Get Shortcut”.

Step 4: Open Shortcuts and in the library, you will see Cydia shortcut is there. Tap on it. 

There will be a pop up message which says “This will download Cydia”. Tap on “OK”.

Step 5: you will be asked to set a name. Then type “Cydia”.

Now the cydia app has downloaded to your device. 

Note: This is not the full version of Cydia. However it can do lots of things like download limited themes, apps and more like Cydia.

Why you can’t download full functional Cydia without Jailbreaking

As it is known Cydia is the most popular third party application manager for jailbroken iOS devices containing numerous tweaks, apps, games and themes that you can customize your iPhone or iPad.

Cydia is an application manager to install jailbreak tools so you need to jailbreak your device to get fully functional cydia. What is that?

Because Cydia is a complex system and requires more permissions which iOS devices are disabled by default. So, in order to function Cydia tweaks you need to remove the restrictions provided by Apple. To remove the restriction you have to jailbreak your device. 

Although the Cydia lite version with less number of tweaks can be downloaded without jailbreaking, this is the reason why you cannot get fully functional cydia without jailbreaking.

Cydia without Jailbreak Scams

There are thousands of scam sites which say they provide the real Cydia without jailbreaking. 

Due to high demand of Cydia on non-jailbroken devices most scammers have tended to misuse it by pretending to provide the real Cydia. The only way to install fully functional cydia is jailbreak. So, we highly advise you to stay away from these scam sites. These scam sites can break your devices, steal data from your devices and can inject malwares to your devices as well. 

Read more about Cydia Scam sites.

How to get Cydia features without Jailbreak

You cannot get Cydia without jailbreaking, but you can get some cydia features. You can get tweaks, themes and emulators with limited options.

Cydia tweaks without jailbreak

Using Siri Shortcut methods you will be able to install some cydia tweaks without jailbreaking your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

1. iTweak

iTweak allows you to install third party enterprise apps with so much ease. 

Here is the link to get the iTweak shortcut.

iTweak allows you to tweak, customize,jailbreak, and install tweaked and ++ apps all without a jailbreak and more. Lots of Cydia like tweaks are available and more than 40 hacked games and ++ apps can be found.

Cydia themes without Jailbreak

There are some tools you can download cydia themes without jailbreaking. Using these themes you can customize your device by changing wallpapers, moving icons and so on. Let us see what those tools are.

1. iSkin

iSkin is a theming platform which you can browse and install themes. This tool allows you to create your own themes as well. 

Here is the link to iSkin official website. You can head over to this site via safari and install your desired themes.

This tool contains numerous thems and using this iSkin, you can customize your iPhone themes like, changing the shapes of the app icons, app colors, app shadows. 

You don’t need a jailbroken iPhone for that! 

But you should not expect this to provide features like Wnterboard theme on Cydia because this is for non-jailbroken devices.

2. iCustom

iCustom is a web application to customize iOS app icons on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch without having to be jailbroken.

Here is the link to iCustom official website. You can go this website and customize your divice using this web app.

This application allows you to replace the app icons on your home screen with custom pictures.

3. iEmpty

iEmpty is a web application that allows iOS users to cudtomize iOS devices without having to be jailbroken. It allows you to customize your home screen by leaving blank spaces between icons. 

Here is the link to the official iEmpty website.

You can go to this site and customize your device! And this web application is compatible with any model of  iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, including the latest ones.

Cydia emulators without Jailbreak

As it is already known, Apple doesn’t allow emulators on their devices. If you need emulators on your device you have to jailbreak your device and install cydia. But there are some other methods to install them 

Let us see how you can get emulators on non jailbroken iOS devices.

1. iEmulators

iEmulators is an alternative app store where you can install emulators and games on your non-jailroken device. 

Here is the link to the iEmulators site.

You can head over to this site and download emulators you want.

2. iOSEmus

iOSEmus is the 3rd party app installer to install emulators on non-jailbroken iOS devices. 

Here is the link to iOSEmus website you can install iOSEmus.

3. Cydia impactor to Compile Emulators

By installing Cydia impactor, you will be able to install IPA files. In order to get emulators via cydia impactor you need a Mac or PC (which runs Windows or Linux).

Instead of that you can try Cydia alternative apps to get the best cydia features on your device. Let us now have a look at the Cydia alternative apps.

Cydia alternatives without Jailbreak

As noted earlier cydia is the most popular third party app manager for jailbroken Apple devices. If you are not interested in jailbreaking that much, you check for the following Cydia alternative apps which you can install without jailbreaking. 

Now let us see what are the best cydia alternative apps for non-jailbroken devices.

1. Cydia impactor

Cydia impactor is a free app for Mac, Windows and Linux that can install apps on iPhones or iPads. You can download IPA files using Cydia impactor and by connecting your iPhone or iPad to the computer, you can install the downloaded apps. 

Learn more about how to install apps using Cydia impactor.

Although the cydia impactor app is free, you need a official Apple developer account which costs $99 per year. Otherwise you will have to repeat this process every seven days to re-sign the app.

2. TweakBox

TweakBox is a cydia alternative for non-jailbroken devices in which you can install tweaked apps and hacked games. And also you can download paid apps for free through Tweakbox. 

3. TutuBox

TutuBox is a great alternative for non-jailbroken iPhones and iPads which supports iOS 14 – 14.7.1. You can easily install jailbreak apps and tweaks on your iDevice without jailbreak.

4. iNoJB

iNoJB is the best cydia alternative for non jailbroken iOS and iPadOS devices. It’s an app store where you can install a number of tweaked applications on your iOS devices running iOS 7.1.2 to iOS 10.

5. Emus4u

Emus4u is also one of the best cydia alternatives for non-jailbroken iOS and iPadOS devices, which you can install off-market apps on your device.

6. Zestia Step

Zestia Step is another best and most updated alternative for Cydia that doesn’t need a jailbroken iPhone or iPad.

7. AppEven

AppEven can also be categorized as one of the best cydia alternatives which does not require jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad. Although it is easy to install, it has limited compatibility. It only supports iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11 and iOS 12 devices.

What is the best method to get Cydia?

It’s jailbreaking. Jailbreaking is the best and only method to install fully working cydia on your iOS or iPadOS device. Jailbreaking is simple. Most of the jailbreak tools like uncover, checkra1n, electra provide Cydia as their default application manager. 

Cydia is only for jailbroken IOS and iPadOS devices. Hence you cannot be able to download cydia using any method other than jailbreaking. 

Tap on your favorite and compatible jailbreak tool among the following tools to see the step by step guide to jailbreak your Apple device.